Game of Thrones S2 - Trailer

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Dallas, Jan 31, 2012.

  1. Dallas

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    Not much really here but its the new Game of Thrones S2 trailer from HBO.

    Cannot WAIT for April!!!

  2. the_h0wey

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    If Season 2 is half as good as Season 1 it will be well worth the wait...
  3. DragonCowboy

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    What was season 1 about?

    I've heard all about Game of Thrones but I have no idea what it's about.
  4. Dallas

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    S1 is out on Blue-Ray. You are missing out if you don't go get it and watch it. It truly was a great S1 and depiction of George R.R. Martins book "Game of Thrones" - Go check it OUT!! ;)

    S1: Plot

    Season 1 spans a period of several months on a world where the seasons last for years at a time. The action begins in the unified Seven Kingdoms of Westeros as the long summer ends and winter draws near. Lord Eddard Stark is asked by his old friend, King Robert Baratheon, to serve as the King's Hand following the death of the previous incumbent, Eddard's mentor Jon Arryn. Eddard is reluctant, but receives intelligence suggesting that Jon was murdered. Eddard accepts Robert's offer, planning to use his position and authority to investigate the alleged murder.

    Meanwhile, on the eastern continent of Essos, the exiled children of House Targaryen, which Robert destroyed to claim the throne, are plotting to return to Westeros and unseat the 'usurper'. To this end, Viserys Targaryen arranges the marriage of his sister Daenerys to Khal Drogo, the leader of 40,000 Dothraki warriors, in return for the use of his warriors in invading Westeros. For her part, Daenerys just wants to find a safe refuge far away from King Robert's assassins and her brother's scheming ambition.

    Finally, on the northern-most border of the Seven Kingdoms the sworn brothers of the Night's Watch guard the Wall, a 300-mile-long colossal fortification of ice which has stood for thousands of years. The Watch defends the Wall against the depredations of the lawless wildlings who live beyond, but rumour speaks of a new threat arising in the lands of perpetual winter.
  5. DragonCowboy

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    Oh nice I love castle/kingdom type settings. I'll definitely start watching season 1.
  6. AmarilloCowboyFan

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  7. ethiostar

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    I recommend you should also read the books.
  8. Sam I Am

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    I saw this a while back, but forgot to post it.

    I can't wait for it to start either.

    I've finished four of the books. Trying to decide if I actually want to read that last one. They are great, but they are also overly boring at times. George has characters meander around doing nothing but twiddling their thumbs ALOT just to make every book 1,000+ pages. He needs to stop doing that. The books don't have to be 1,000 pages if you don't have enough content to make it 1,000 pages. Stop forcing us to read 250-400 pages of worthless meandering crap. I would be perfectly fine with an awesome 600-700 page book.
  9. Nomad

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    Another way to watch Season 1 is with HBOGO, if you are or become an HBO subscriber. You can watch all of their old shows and some movies on your computer or Ipad/Iphone etc.

    It's really cool, I caught up on episodes I missed and watched old Sopranos and Curb your Enthusiasm stuff.
  10. arglebargle

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    I call that the Steven King Curse. At some point, editors are just too awed to tell the author that some of the stuff is just dross.

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