Game of Thrones Season 3

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    I'm surprised this hasn't been posted in yet.

    Good episode, more about tying up loose ends sort of. It's hard to cram so many different story lines into one episode so I get nervous when too much time is spent on one character that I don't care about as much.

    I'm disappointed more things didn't happen that could have, but next year. It's better to spread it out anyway.

    Bummed it's gone for a while.
  2. Derekmtl85

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    Good set-up episode for next many great moments to come.

    That last scene however, was pretty terrible. It was very cheesy and i doubt non-book readers care much about a bunch of nameless people cheering Dany on.

    But i liked this episode...the beginning with Robb Stark with Greywinds head sowed onto him...freaked more people out.
  3. arglebargle

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    I suspect Aria is going to make some more people pay.....bloodprice.
  4. Kilyin

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    I'll go ahead and say it...

    Just an awful filler episode for a season finale. Really, only a few things happened of any significance. That whole "Stanos and the red witch" storyline is utterly boring and they just keep dragging it on with no real consequences of any sort. I'm sure it's building up to something, but why spend so much time on that in the last episode?

    The entirety of that episode should have been done during the season with the Red Wedding as the finale.
  5. arglebargle

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    They felt they needed a palette cleanser after the bitter taste of the Red Wedding would be my guess. And while they brought some arcs to rest, almost everyone of those set up at least one other.
  6. theogt

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    Yup. Great season. Horrible finale. They could have ended the season on a very high note.
  7. Danny White

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    Agreed. I really enjoyed this season, but the final episode was a yawner.
  8. Derekmtl85

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    The reason they spend so much time on it will appear in season 4 when they get to the wall. Stannis hasn't had much screen time compared to other characters, so they are building that huge story-line up. With Robb/Catelyn dead, theirs more time for other characters.

    It wasn't a good season finale, but it would have been a great episode if it was in the middle of the season, lots of foreshadowing and tons of info about the "Westeros" world, even the Rat cook story is important (In a way).

    Every character is ready to start off quick next season, that i can guarantee. Every thing is set up now.

    I'd suggest reading the books though, which are 1000 times better. :)
  9. BrAinPaiNt

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    Well Next season will some big bangs towards the start.

    I was really hoping they would have had the Joffery Wedding last night and leave the cliff hanger on that one. I have to agree with the others that if they wanted to leave a cliff hanger or big bang at the end of the season they should have used the red wedding episode.
  10. Smith22

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    Compared to last week, the finale was quite disappointing.

    I'm growing a bit tired of the lady in red and Theon.

    Just kill him already...
  11. BrAinPaiNt

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    Theon/Reek in the show vs the books.

    I made mention of this some time back but in the books it was done a little differently.

    In the books you learned of the character Reek. How he was missing some body parts, how he was a nobody, how he was a slave and tortured toy of the Bolton boy. But what you did not learn until some time later was that Reek was Theon.

    Which was quite a shock at the time when you first learned it.

    This is something that had to be done differently in the show. In the book you could not see the face of Theon so you had no clue. Of course in the show you could see him and on top of that you could hear the voice so you knew it was theon so instead of trying to hide the face and voice and try to surprise viewers they just started with the torture and now you learn that he will be known as Reek instead of Theon.

    Again the book part of this was much better only due to the surprise of later learning that Reek was Theon.
  12. Smith22

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    Interesting. My wife is in the process of reading the books now, but she is way behind.
  13. Derekmtl85

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    Agreed. But damn, Alfie Allen is bringing Theon to life...He's doing an amazing job, it's pretty much how i always imagined it.
  14. ChldsPlay

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    I don't recall reading much of anything about Reek without knowing it was Theon? I know there was a reek prior to Theon, but I can't recall a mention of Reek at all between the times Theon is around and when he shows up in book 5 as Reek, so I missed any kind of surprise or reveal when I read it.
  15. BrAinPaiNt

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    Maybe I was the only one who did not realize who it was.

    It has been some time since I read the book but I am pretty sure I was surprised that when it turned out to be Theon.
  16. Derekmtl85

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    Lots were surprised, he was declared dead in book 3, and only re-appeared in book 5.

    Although, of course some people catch on faster than others, but i too didn't realize it was Theon until he mentions it.
  17. Teren_Kanan

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    Weak season finale to be honest. Some really nice scenes. Some really annoying ones, and some that.. were just a bit over the top for my tastes.

    I liked the post Twins attack scenes with hound/Arya, and Roose looking over the battlements. Gives you a nice look at the devastation of the Stark army.

    I found the Tyrion/Sansa scene enjoyable, but as a book reader I wonder at the reasoning behind it? Seems like they could have fit something more important in, instead of creating a scene not in the books that doesn't really do anything other than show Tyrion/Sansa get along.

    Tywin/Joffery/Tyrion scene. This was fantastic. Joffery's final little "I AM NOT TIRED!!" as one last act of immature defiance was fantastic. I wish guards had been used to take him away instead of just his mother, would have added to the whole "Tywin is the real boss". The Pycelle vs Tyrion moment was enjoyable as well.

    The Tywin/Tyrion scene was fantastic again. Charles Dance is the man and while the scene added a little bit of whitewashing to his character imo, it was still awesome.

    Rat Cook story was done well. Good way to show the importance of breaking guest right. I'm glad Osha/Rickon are gone from Bran n Crew now. Loved the Sam/Bran meeting. Lot of stuff changed about this scene from the book, a certain character that is introduced before this has not been, but I suspect he'll show up next season.

    Roose/Walder Frey scene. Anything with Roose Bolton is pretty much awesome. Did anyone else take his line "Forever Young" as a subtle insult to Walder's age the way I did? Might just have been his delivery. Roose Bolton is like Westeros's master troll.

    The Theon/Ramsay Snow scene was awesome. The Pork sausage part.. lol. Nice to see the creation of Reek.

    I didn't like the Yara part. They just made her little speech WAY too epic. It sounded like something out of some epic Troy esque movie. Just a little bit too intense. Big deviation from the books as well.

    Loved the Gendry/Davos scene, but I didn't much like what they did with Stannis. Way too quick to condemn Davos to death. He just seems a lot more harsh and less just than he does in the books. Where most characters they white wash a little bit, I feel they are actually doing the opposite with Stannis.

    The Mysha ending.. just a little too over the top for my tastes. Dany didn't need to body surf the masses. Just her walking through them as the scene panned out and up would have been fine.

    Jon Ygritte. While I like that they added this scene.. I don't much like how it was executed. But to be honest I've hated almost everything about Jon since season 2. He doesn't even resemble the same character to me. He was practically crying in this scene with the whole " I gotta go home " crap. Why is Ygritte alone? How did she catch up to him in a wide open area unheard or unseene? It makes Jon seem like such a huge noob. Everything they do with Jon makes him seem like one incompetent kid.

    Arya/Hound scene. I'm ready for a spin off series based around this. Arya and the Hound: Adventures through Westeros. Epic scene, and a nice nod to book readers who were sad that Arya's coin trick was taken out of Season 2.
  18. The Ominous

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    I thought the finale was awesome, don't really see the hate. I guess I am easily pleased, which is pretty much true as I don't dissect every single angle of every single scene and line despite reading the books.

    And to those that think they should have saved The Red Wedding for the finale...have you even watched the show? Every penultimate episode is basically the "finale" and the next episode sets everything up for future story lines. I didn't hear any complaints that Baelor and Blackwater should've been the finale of past seasons.

    The only reason Dany's final scene disappointed me was because I expected "something" else right after it. Glad they decided to move that particular scene to next season as it will be mind-bending fabulous. I can see the reasoning of this final Dany scene as being literally uplifting after last week.

    As Teren mentioned, most of the scenes were good to great. My favorite of course was Arya.

    I enjoy the Theon scenes because I think Roose and Ramsey are absolutely great antagonists and perfectly cast. Yara is a huge part of that, so once again, it all connects in its own book to tv transition.
  19. ChldsPlay

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    I thought for the most part the episode was solid, but weak for a finale, and it started out really strong and for the most part got weaker as it went along. The Mysha scene was pretty cheesy, and not really anything to care that much about, certainly not anything to end a season on. I would have preferred Arya's moment as the final moment a lot more. Ending on Mysha just ended everything on such a weak note. Absolutely terrific season otherwise.
  20. dez_for_prez

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    What was the scene?

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