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Game on TV?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Kendo, Oct 22, 2005.

  1. Cowchips

    Cowchips New Member

    656 Messages
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    Boys are on here in Boston..anyone from the blacked out areas is welcome to come to my house to watch :D
  2. Rustinpeace21

    Rustinpeace21 Member

    411 Messages
    6 Likes Received
    d****** man, last week on fox COWBOYS V.S SEAHWAKS 405 pm but NY is getting ****in M*A*S*H
  3. vicjagger

    vicjagger Well-Known Member

    2,752 Messages
    411 Likes Received

    NFL on FOX TV Listings - Week 7
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    FOX Sports
    Posted: 1 day ago

    Local listings for Week 7 — Sunday, Oct. 23
    (as of 10/10/05 @ 1:30 p.m. - Games and listings subject to change)

    1=GREEN BAY @ MINNESOTA 12% — 1 P.M.
    3=NEW ORLEANS @ ST. LOUIS 6% — 1 P.M.
    4=DETROIT @ CLEVELAND 7% — 1 P.M.
    5=DALLAS @ SEATTLE 47% — 4 P.M.
    6=Either GB @ MN or DET @ CL 1%
    7=Either GB @ MN or SF @ WASH 2%

    Abilene TX KXVA 5
    Albany GA WFXL 5
    Albany NY WXXA 2
    Albuquerque NM KASA 5
    Alexandria LA WNTZ 3
    Amarillo TX KCIT 5
    Anchorage AK KTBY 5
    Atlanta GA WAGA 5
    Augusta GA WFXG 5
    Austin TX KTBC 5
    Baltimore MD WBFF 2
    Bangor ME WFVX 5
    Baton Rouge LA WGMB 3
    Beaumont TX KUIL 5
    Bend OR KFXO 5
    Billings MT KHMT 1
    Biloxi MS WXXV 3
    Binghamton NY WICZ 2
    Birmingham AL WBRC 5
    Boise ID KTRV 5
    Boston MA WFXT 5
    Buffalo NY WUTV 6
    Burlington VT WFFF 2
    Butte MT KBTZ 1
    Casper WY KFNB+ 1
    Cedar Rapids IA KFXA 1
    Champaign IL WCCU 3
    Charleston SC WTAT 2
    Charleston WV WVAH 4
    Charlotte NC WCCB 2
    Charlottesville VA WAHU 2
    Chattanooga TN WDSI 5
    Cheyenne WY KLWY 1
    Chicago IL WFLD 1
    Chico CA KCVU 2
    Cincinnati OH WXIX 5
    Clarksburg WV WVFX 5
    Cleveland OH WJW 4
    Colorado Springs CO KXRM 1
    Columbia MO K02NQ+ 3
    Columbia SC WACH 2
    Columbus GA WXTX 5
    Columbus MS WLOV 3
    Columbus OH WTTE 4
    Corpus Christi TX KDF 5
    Dallas TX KDFW 5
    Davenport IA KLJB 1
    Dayton OH WRGT 4
    Denver CO KDVR+ 1
    Des Moines IA KDSM 1
    Detroit MI WJBK 4
    Dothan AL WDFX 5
    Duluth MN KQDS 1
    El Paso TX KFOX 5
    Elmira NY WYDC 2
    Erie PA WFXP 4
    Eugene OR KLSR 5
    Eureka CA KBVU 2
    Evansville IN WTVW 3
    Fairbanks AK KFXF 5
    Fargo ND KVRR+ 1
    Flint MI WSMH 4
    Fort Myers FL WFTX 5
    Fort Smith AR KPBI 5
    Fort Wayne IN WFFT 1
    FOXNET Various 5
    Fresno CA KMPH+ 2
    Gainsville FL WOGX 5
    Grand Junction CO KFQX 1
    Grand Rapids MI WXMI 4
    Great Falls MT KLMN+ 1
    Green Bay WI WLUK 1
    Greensboro NC WGHP 2
    Greenville NC WFXI+ 2
    Greenville SC WHNS 2
    Harlingen TX XHRIO 5
    Harrisburg PA WPMT 5
    Hartford CT WTIC 2
    Honolulu HI KHON+ 5
    Houston TX KRIV 5
    Huntsville AL WZDX 5
    Idaho Falls ID KFXP 5
    Indianapolis IN WXIN 5
    Jackson MS WUFX 3
    Jacksonville FL WAWS 5
    Johnstown PA WWCP 5
    Joplin MO KFJX 3
    Kansas City MO WDAF 5
    Knoxville TN WTNZ 5
    La Crosse WI WLAX+ 1
    Lafayette LA KADN 3
    Lake Charles LA KVHP 3
    Lansing MI WSYM 4
    Las Vegas NV KVVU 5
    Lexington KY WDKY 5
    Lima OH WOHL 4
    Lincoln NE KTVG+ 1
    Little Rock AR KLRT 5
    Los Angeles CA KTTV 5
    Louisville KY WDRB 5
    Lubbock TX KJTV 5
    Macon GA WGXA 5
    Madison WI WMSN 1
    Marquette MI WMQF 4
    Medford OR KMVU 2
    Memphis TN WHBQ 5
    Miami FL WSVN 5
    Milwaukee WI WITI 1
    Minneapolis MN KMSP 1
    Minot ND KNDX+ 1
    Missoula MT KMMF 1
    Mobile AL WALA 3
    Monroe LA KARD 3
    Monterey CA KCBA 2
    Montgomery AL WCOV 5
    Myrtle Beach SC WFXB 2
    Nashville TN WZTV 7
    New Orleans LA WVUE 3
    New York NY WNYW/WWOR 2
    Norfolk VA WVBT 2
    North Platte NE KIIT 1
    Odessa TX KPEJ 5
    Oklahoma City OK KOKH 5
    Omaha NE KPTM 1
    Orlando FL WOFL 5
    Ottumwa IA KYOU 3
    Paducah KY KBSI 3
    Palm Springs CA KDFX 5
    Panama City FL WPGX 5
    Peoria IL WYZZ 3
    Philadelphia PA WTXF 5
    Phoenix AZ KSAZ 7
    Pittsburgh PA WPGH 5
    Portland ME WPFO 5
    Portland OR KPTV 5
    Providence RI WNAC 5
    Quincy IL CGEM 3
    Raleigh NC WRAZ 2
    Rapid City SD KEVN+ 1
    Reno NV KRXI 2
    Richmond VA WRLH 2
    Roanoke VA WFXR+ 2
    Rochester MN KXLT 1
    Rochester NY WUHF 6
    Rockford IL WQRF 1
    Sacramento CA KTXL 2
    Salt Lake City UT KSTU+ 2
    San Angelo TX KIDY 5
    San Antonio TX KABB 5
    San Diego CA XETV 5
    San Francisco CA KTVU 2
    Santa Barbara CA KKFX 2
    Savannah GA WTGS 5
    Seattle WA KCPQ 5
    Shreveport LA KMSS 5
    Sioux City IA KPTH 1
    Sioux Falls SD KTTW+ 1
    South Bend IN WSJV 1
    Spokane WA KAYU 5
    Springfield IL WRSP+ 3
    Springfield MO KSFX 3
    St. Louis MO KTVI 3
    Syracuse NY WSYT 2
    Tallahassee FL WTLH 5
    Tampa FL WTVT 5
    Terre Haute IN WFXW 3
    Toledo OH WUPW 4
    Topeka KS KTMJ 5
    Traverse City MI WFQX+ 4
    Tri-Cities TN WEMT 5
    Tucson AZ KMSB 5
    Tulsa OK KOKI 5
    Twin Falls ID KXTF 5
    Tyler TX KFXK+ 5
    Utica NY WFXV 2
    Victoria TX KVCT 5
    Waco TX KWKT+ 5
    Washington DC WTTG 2
    Watertown NY WNYF 2
    Wausau WI WFXS 1
    West Palm Beach FL WFLX 5
    Wichita KS KSAS+ 5
    Wichita Falls TX KJTL 5
    Wilkes-Barre PA WOLF+ 5
    Wilmington NC WSFX 2
    Yakima WA KCYU+ 5
    Youngstown OH WYFX+ 4
    Yuma AZ KECY 5
  4. jazzcat22

    jazzcat22 Well-Known Member

    18,315 Messages
    9,464 Likes Received
    I did, cool link. Only thing is I am in Montreal for the next month or so. I get the stations from Vermont though. I go to the sports bar where they have Sunday Ticket. Or today I can sit in my Hotel room and watch the Cowboys on the French station, just need to listen on the internet. Guess I'll have to pay the $9.95 (for 1 month) to the Tagli-arse to listen. Maybe I can find a way to add it to my expense report :banghead:
    It's not the money, but the principle the NFL controls this.
    Any free broadcast out there?
  5. SkinsandTerps

    SkinsandTerps Redskins Forever

    7,607 Messages
    110 Likes Received

    Pretty sure that you can do a free 7 day trial. Just make sure you go back to end it so they wont charge you.
  6. jazzcat22

    jazzcat22 Well-Known Member

    18,315 Messages
    9,464 Likes Received
    Thanks, that's what I didn't do last time, end it. And they charged me, during pre-season. But it was worth it anyway.
  7. Hostile

    Hostile The Duke

    119,476 Messages
    4,103 Likes Received
    Don't know about the rest of you, but for me, that's wrong.

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