Garrett get puppetized

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CowboyChris, Jan 22, 2013.

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    We have plenty of talent on the offensive side of the ball. Hall of fame tight end, pro bowl qb, one of the best young receivers in the game in dez bryant, very solid receiver in miles austin, solid backs in murray and felix jones... explosive young receiver in dwayne harris. Our O line can be cited as our only fault, but who was it that released the majority of the O-line to start anew? That's right, Garrett. You know there's a problem when the offense gets way better when we go no-huddle. Jason Garrett shouldn't complain. He's very lucky to still have a job and pretty much get paid $5 million to do even less.

    I like the talent Garrett has brought through the drafts. I wouldn't mind him in scouting or a management type position, but as an in-game coordinator/game manager? Awful.
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    As I recall, the year the Packers won the Super Bowl, Mike Holmgren relinquished play calling duties when his offense hit a lull. He swallowed his pride and did it for the betterment of the team.

    Hopefully, if someone else is indeed going to call plays next season, it was Garrett's decision. Personally, I believe execution was a bigger issue than play calling last year.
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    Pfft, screw that noise. This is the happiest day of the offseason for me. Let Garrett pay his damn dues like every other coach in the NFL, he can get the power back once he proves he's competent at it.
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    If Jerry didn't believe in JG's play calling, it's admitting he failed as a playcaller. Since that's the case, why did he hire a failed OC?
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    I don't care what Garrett is as long as the Cowboys win.
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    I am as critical of Jerry the GM as much as the next guy, but am open to the posssibility that Garrett, being a young HC who is learning on the job, could agree in consultation with others that it might be better to reduce his obligations in order to better perform his primary duties as HC.

    Seems like a pretty standard way to arrive at decisions to re-allocate responsibilities in any business situation, which doesn't necessarily entail the total emasculation or firing of the person in question.
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    Wasn't it Jerry that said he didn't want a walk around coach, that the head coach should call the plays?

    I don't think the players will look at him as a puppet. The way they played at this season with all the injuries, showed me something. JG has this team headed in the right direction, just hope the baffoon doesn't ruin it.
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    If Garrett was a puppet he would not be holding the interviews. Sorry but this is a lame attempt by the same people who rag on Garrett on a daily basis.

    Last week Houston Nutt was prove that Jerry was running the show so why the hell has Houston not been hired?

    I'm sure you guys will find the next hire as some prove and reality you are offering nothing but your same old spin. No fact just spin.
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    Garrett's job is now what it should have been from the start--it is what almost every other Head Coach's job is.

    That's good, btw.
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    I saw this on twitter, this can´t be real can it? this is supposed footage from NFL Network.

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    Real or not, that is funny as heck... Lol!
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    For years, Jerry has repeatedly stated that he wanted the head coach to be a coordinator/play caller as well, and now he's the driving force behind Garrett giving up his playcalling and just being a "walk around head coach?"


    I know what's been written, and I haven't bought any of it, especially the crap spewed by Werder and Mortenson. Those guys are all about ratings, hits to their websites, and amassing twitter followers. Yes, I am a Garrett fan and defender, but this hasn't made any sense right from the start. Who knows? Maybe this was part of Jerry's epiphany when he talked about making an unexptected change. But what made him change so significantly, practically on a dime? Did he do this on his own? Doubt it. Let Gibbs convince him that he needed the HC to also be a coordinator. Let Parcells convince him to change to a 3-4. Maybe it was other "outside sources."

    But try to get your head around this.

    Maybe Garrett's been the one controlling the shots in this thing all along. Maybe he (along with Stephen) has been in Jerry's ear for the majority of the season. Fired Peete. Convinced Jerry to get rid of Ryan and hire Kiffin, scrapping the 3-4 that Jerry had been convinced since the Parcells days that we had to have. Convinced his brother to get out of his shadow and make his own way. And maybe Garrett's the one trying to convince Jerry to let someone else call the plays, so he can he be more involved with the rest of the game.

    I know, it's so much juicer to go by the conventional way of thinking, that Jerry is still meddling and over-controlling, and Garrett is just another puppet. Perhaps. But Garrett and Stephen are tight, and I believe Stephen's had a lot more influence on what has happened in recent years than people want to believe.
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    You have heard of photoshop right?
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    That´s what I obviously thought LOL
  18. Coy

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    haha, just having a laugh bro, I knew it was not real but you gotta admit, it is funny.
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    I've seen more realistic fake UFO's
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    It's time to get things started. It's time to celebrate.:bounce:

    This is my favorite ray of Jerry sunshine here in the cold offseason:

    Jones said Callahan could incorporate some elements of the old Raiders’ offense he coordinated, if he becomes the play-caller. That could mean more of a West Coast style.

    “If Bill Callahan has more influence, if he does, then you will see more of some of the things that have worked for him in his coaching career,” Jones said. “You expect that, and that will be a plus for us.”
    The last eight words tell the whole story. Why would it be a plus if the RHG's intelligent design were a completely potent offensive philosophy from opening drive to Hail Mary?

    At least now there is a good chance that 3rd and 10 can be 3rd and 3.

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