Garrett/Romo Minicamp PC Tweets - 06/11/13

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jun 11, 2013.

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    Well said. Agreed.
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    Yeah, no, he blew it in terms of how the situation was handled. I still think it was more Jerry/Callahan's mistake, but he knew about it in advance and should have done what he did yesterday in that first press conference. He should take responsibility for it.

    My point is only that there's an undercurrent on the boards after games that Jason Garrett never takes responsibility for his mistakes. I'm always confused by it, because I'll hear him do just that several times a season in his pressers. This was just another example of that, and I mentioned it because I'm going to try to remember it the next time the guy gets criticized for being too arrogant and letting others take the fall for him.
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    I agree with what you and the undercurrent both say... Yeah, he'll address an issue, but addressing it isn't the same as saying, "I screwed up."

    Also, sometimes I don't feel like he owns his mistakes until after the criticism mounts and then he overcorrects and falls on the sword...or he overcorrects in his on-field decisions.

    I tend to charge it to his inexperience and this ongoing on-the-job training that he's been doing.
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    This is fair. Romo is very good at playing the part of Brady when it comes to media-speak, Garrett is an average version of Belichick, and Jerry is a really, really, really bad version of Robert Kraft.
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    I think he really believes that dwelling on negatives hurts what he's trying to do. He's never negative about his players or coaches, and only talks generally about the positive sides of what he's trying to accomplish. Challenges, not worries. Opportunities, not issues. Etc. I think in most cases, he's trained those thought processes out of his way of thinking and talking because he thinks they're counter-productive.

    I also think he doesn't blame himself for many of the things he gets blamed for around here, and, in a lot of those cases, he's probably right.

    But, all that said, he's categorically said on more than one occasion when something is his fault. This is one example where he said it pretty clearly. He's done it in regards to play calling in the past, too, where he's said that he makes 3-4 calls in every game he second guesses.

    I just think it's pretty transparent what the guy is trying to do, and I like it. So I'm always confused when people say he deflects personal responsibility because it's exactly what he does for everyone in the organization. I think he's a pretty stand-up guy when it comes down to it, and I wish more fans would seem to agree.

    Why doesn't everybody just agree with me and then we can all move on to another topic where I can let you know what I think?
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    Yep, Garrett did take the blame, like a leader should. In this case, he is having to do it in order to cover the hides of others in the organization that have loose lips.

    Information needs to be more secure, and Garrett did his part of the job, but there were leaks elsewhere as usual.

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