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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by LatinMind, Feb 23, 2013.

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    From what i get in Garretts comments is, the defense seems to be good. There might be some holes they arent significant.

    He says Ratliff will be on the team, so he will be starting and IMO he will be the 1 tech. He's played NT and he can handle that job and create a passrush aswell. And Hatcher will be the 3 tech. Hatcher was a handful for teams. Now he will be going up against slower Gs. Not to mention he'll have Ware pulling the T out with him on the edge. Watch out for Hatcher. Could come into his own.

    The question is the other DE spot. I dont see how Dallas could sign Spencer, but who knows. I can see Crawford hitting that spot. Dallas has already showed interest in Chase Thomas at the Sr bowl. He could be that pass rush specialist. And develop and take over for Ware when that time comes. Id like Dallas to find a way to bring in Kapron Lewis-Moore. He will start off the yr on the PUP but he will be good to go sometime this yr. Guy is a extremely aggressive DT from ND.

    Moving to LBer Dallas has two very good LBers in Lee and Carter and the 3rd is up in the air. But IMO they have the perfect fit in Ernie Sims. Sims turned out to be a blessing for Dallas. He's athletic and smart. Would be a mistake to let him walk IMO.

    CB is another spot Dallas has shored up in 1 offseason. They will lose Jenkins but they have a more aggressive Scandrick. Bigger, Stronger..he takes alot of chances so he gives up some plays. But he makes more good plays then bad. He's a good fit for the slot. Sterlin Moore was another blessing. Good snatch up from NE. I think he could even unseat Scandrick if he struggles.

    Safety is where the need is. Seems the Cowboys love Church and are convinced he's the SS that will be up on the LOS. But nor he or Johnson are the type of S that they need to be deep. If Vaccarro is there i think they snag him up quick. If he's gone, they can either trade down big and snatch up Cyprien or draft Thomas in the 2nd RD.

    Its a shame this team wasted so much of Ware, Ratliff, and Hatchers career in a 3-4.
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    Thats kinda being very dramatic. All of them were drafted by Big Bill to play in a 3-4 old school 2 gap. Ware is on his way to a HOF spot, Rat is a pro-bowl guy and Hatcher has been a backup. Not sure you should be disappointed in their careers. Rat was a 7th rounder....

    These guys are not the issue with any sort of defensive problem, let alone a 3-4 scheme issue.
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    Agree, looks like the team is content with the DL.

    I like Crawford alot, being Canadian, so I hope he can be the starting DE. It's a bit of a stretch for only his second year, but he has the talent and size to do it. Plus, and I'm sure the team is banking on this, we've got Marinelli as our DL coach.

    They'll probably try to get LB in free agency.

    I really hope we don't spend another 1st rounder on the secondary. Vaccaro looks the part, but doesn't seem to make many plays. I'm wary of him

    My fear is this team avoids OL in round 1 and drafts a safety. And then adds a TE or RB in the second, and then quality of OL dries up like always and we end up relying on the Ron Leary and David Arkin's of the world.

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