GBN draft report(rumor) on Tyron Smith slipping in draft.

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Cowboy from New York, Apr 17, 2011.


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    I think he's gone by 13 with Minnesota if we trade down but it's possible that he could still be there.
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    It wouldn't matter if Fort Knox was blocking for Minnesota, they need a Quarter Back in the worst of ways. Or else they'll suck in 2012.

    If the GM and Owner are in thier right minds they are realistically hoping for a QB and Jake Locker who would be a wonderful adition for the Vikes should be available.

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    I can not see them taking Locker that high. I mean, unless they can get a guy like McNabb in FA once the whole lock out issue is settled, it won't matter which QB they take. None of them can come in and start for them day one. If Cam Newton slipped to that pick, then I think he would be the pick for them but at this point, I don't think it makes any sense for them to reach for a QB at 13. I mean, they need both LT and QB. Makes more sense for them to take the position of need that is rated higher on their board at that pick IMO.
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    I don't get your point. Reggie Bush has failed to live up to expectations, because he has yet to learn to run between the tackles and not bounce everything outside. That was the criticism before the draft as well.

    Mike Williams has failed because he is unable to gain separation at the NFL level, combined with the fact that he didn't play football for a year before joining the NFL because of the law suit with Maurice Clarrett. Coming out, that was the question mark with Mike Williams his ability to gain separation from NFL DB's as he struggled with that even in college.

    Matt Leinert has struggled because he is more of a partyer than a football player. And he can't throw the ball down the field. Once again the same question marks on him coming out of college.

    And I don't see how a 2nd round pick, qualifies as a notorious person who have reached their potential before signing an NFL contact.

    Heck most of the guys you listed failed because their play on the field eclipsed their physical ability. No one questions Tyron Smith's physical ability.
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    Smith might not be a top 10 pick in every draft every year but he is this year.

    but then why would other teams want to trade up in the top 10 to take a player thats not a top 10 talent. You also gotta think about teams behind you.

    If you sitting there at 9 and Smith is there, you need a starting RT and he is high on your board, top player left then take him. It might come down to need over value.

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    Smith, IMO, is not a top 10 pick in this draft but we will see I suppose.

    If a team were moving up to trade for the 9th pick, that would mean that they have a player in mind. At that point, it doesn't matter. Whichever player that is, he's top 10 on their board.
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    Now that is a legit concern I also share. The weight gain has been surprising to say the least and the history is there.

    That being said, I'd like to think the teams that have scouted him have done their homework and the teams that have actually interviewed him (Redball) has been willing to ask him what the deal is.

    Fair enough. I think the money will be worth it in this case, though. We paid Bigg Davis how much money again? If you think about it, with the anticipated rookie wage scale, you don't have to pay Smith top dollar until his rookie contract expires, at which point Bigg will be gone and we'll know whether or not Smith deserves that kind of money. I also imagine Free's pending FA deal will not break the bank. (Yes, he'll get paid, and it will look large at first, but it will be fair and a bargain down the road a la Romo and Austin's deals. Not saying this WILL be the case, but it's my hunch.)

    There's no reason we can't pay both guys, and even then that won't be an issue until 4-5 years down the road. I don't think you can let "We can't pay two guys LT money" be what stops you from pulling the trigger here.
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    The lions fans have been looking at smith since Jan. We watch all the games on ESPN 3. We thought we were ahead of the curve and he ripped it up at the combine and he has been linked to you guys ever since. We did a ton of homework on the guy. They had brown at USC 2 years ago who was a 2nd round draft pick. Kalil was browns backup and they played smith at RT. They were suppose to have hendersen coming in to USC also who was the #1 ranked LT coming out of high school. Kalil will be a first rounder next year. Smith was their best lineman but they just didnt want to keep bouncing guys all around. He did play some plays at LT during the year.(they were trying to showcase him to scouts since the did him a disservice by keeping him at RT) but they wanted to keep the continuity they had. Dallas will be a thorn in the lions side this whole draft. We need DBs and OL same as you guys and your mocks are basically the same as ours. If you guys stay put look for us to make some trades. If you guys trade out it gives us first shot at some guys.

    Lions want t smith first, prince second and aldon smith 3rd at least the smart ones do. I would like to see you guys trade with the rams. Knocks a wr out of the mix. Even at 14 you guys could p/u watt or constanzo.

    2nd round Im sure you guys go DB if you take a OL in the first. Ras I. williams and harris are the guys Im sure you looking at. Texans have a weak secondary too. Mayhew trade up last year to get in the second and its already being talked about now because detroit is bringing in alot of late 1st early second guys in for visits.

    As you know mayhew is a pretty shrewd guy so beware. Have a good draft.
    PS please dont take smith the guy is an animal watch the game he goes against brandon bair on espn 3 hes a mid round prospect from the ducks. He gets rag-dolled the whole game.
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    Interesting, dunkerr...

    So, let me ask you: We've heard rumors the Lions might trade up with us to get Prince. You think Tyron is the guy they really want?
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    thanks for the post.

    it appears that the Cowboys want to engineer a modest trade down. Probably will target Smith (in a trade down), Costanzo, Watt, C Jordan, or Prince from what I can make out.

    Personally, I hope we stay at 9 and just take Smith, but not sure how likely that is.
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    Tyron Smith may not go to Dallas, but he is worth that 9th pick. Smith is in the 9-13 range. Cleveland has shown significant interest in him, and although they likely will not take him, they really like him. They really liked Trent Williams last year, and the Redskins have shown significant interest in Smith and have Trent Williams on their team. They pick at 10. Cleveland, Dallas, Washington, Minnesota, and Detroit. Smith will not pass this gauntlet.

    I hope Dallas take him at 9, and plugs him in at RT. I'm excited about the possibility of him playing RT, because it's becoming a increasingly important position. If you want at RT, Smith is hands down, the best in the draft.
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    I dont see us trading up unless petersen makes it down to the 6-8 range.

    I think the lions may like Jimmy smith more as a corner and are doing alot of homework on him right now. They may trade their 2nd and 3rd to get into the first and pick jimmy smith. Mayhew has made alot of trades and if the spot dont fit hes moving one way or the other. I was kind of thinking dallas was smoke screening detroit on T smith. Jerry likes to make a splash. anyone else I think would pick smith for you guys hes a perfect fit. Everyone know dallas doesnt like to pick OL in the first. Cannon in the second yes a barksdale in the 4th definately. You guys probaly have a better feel on the cowboys and thats why Im here. Trying to figure out who you guys are gonna take. If you had to pick one point where the turning point is it would be your pick.
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    I have a lot of of friends that pull for U$C and when I ask about this guy. Eveyone one of them said that he could have used one more year in school. The thought is not to expect this guy to start this year. And well not sure unless a guy is QB, that your not looking to hit on a guy who can start right away at the #9 pick.
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    he fits lion because backus will be 34 this year and cherilus is coming off microfracture. Fox we drafted in the 4th and needs some stregth training. He would probaly get a year to develope with us and challenge for a starting rt spot with being the heir appearent on the other side. Fox may pan out at LT still so we would have some choices to keep people off stafford.

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