gbnreport:Late Senior Bowl roster moves …

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    Late Senior Bowl roster moves …

    Of course, one Senior Bowl tradition is that every year a certain number of players who had agreed to participate, back out at the last minute for one reason or another. In fact, Iowa DE Adrian Clayborn, Florida C Mike Pouncey, LSU DT Drake Nevis, North Carolina LB Quan Sturdivant and Kansas State RB Daniel Thomas have reportedly already pulled out of the game. Meanwhile, replacement players that were added over the weekend include Tulsa RB/FB Charles Clay; WRs Vince Browne of San Diego State and South Alabama’s Courtney Smith; Marshall TE Lee Smith; and C/Gs Kevin Kowlaski of Toledo an TCU’s Jake Kirkpatrick. Here are the latest official rosters for the North and South Senior Bowl teams.
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    Pouncey pulled out? That punk.

    I didn't want Clayborn before, sure as hell don't want him now. See's people ranking him as a first round pick and promptly takes a knee. Why prove it?

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