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    The most anticipated battle this week on the North team was between top-rated OTs Gabe Carimi of Wisconsin, Anthony Castonzo of Boston College and Colorado’s Solder. And for the most part, the trio didn’t disappoint. Carimi, in particular, was as physical as expected, but also smoother afoot than many scouts projected with the result that the former Wisconsin star is getting increased consideration as a LT prospect, although one of his great strengths in the fact that he has the versatility to play both sides as well as slide into OG. Meanwhile, a case can be made the BC’s Castonzo was the best of the three through the two days of North practices. Indeed, one of the things that jumps out on tape of the North practices was that at the end of just about every play #74 was involved in, Castonzo’s man was no closer to the ball at the whistle than he had been at the snap. If any of the three could be described as having some ups and downs in Mobile it was Solder. On the one hand, at 6-8 with the frame to bulk up to 330 pounds and still be light on his feet, Solder has evoked comparisons to former all-pro Tony Boselli. And some snaps he plays like that, however, at other times he looks a tad stiff and mechanical like a guy whose thinking about what he should be doing from a technical standpoint rather than just executing naturally.

    And while the OTs have drawn most of the attention this week, C/G John Moffitt, the ‘other’ former Wisconsin offensive lineman in Mobile, may have done as much for his 2011 draft grade as anyone on the North team. Moffitt continues to be a dominating block of granite in the middle of he line as he has played with both quickness and agility as well as just a touch of nastiness. What has also impressed about Moffitt is that he has been so solid when snapping the ball after playing exclusively at OG the past couple of seasons. Versatility also appears to be one of the strengths of unheralded small-school C Brandon Fusco of Slippery Rock who has gone toe-to-toe with some of the biggest names in college football and held his own in the middle of the line. On the other hand, both of G/Ts James Brewer of Indiana and Jason Pinkston of Pitt both continued to be totally overmatched when lined up against quick edge rushers on the outside.
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    Man oh Man, if we can get CB/S Peterson or Cameron Jordan in 1st round, and get Solder in 1st round, or one of 3 OTs mentioned on list above, and Moffitt in 3rd round, we will have a great draft in my mind with first 3 picks,
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    I totally agree. We potentially can have an outstanding DRAFT this year if lady luck is on our side. There are some outstanding LINEMAN (OL and DL) available in Rd's 1 thru 3. I'm not really sure about drafting Cameron Jordan at pick #9 . I didn't SEE much from him during this past college season. His sack totals were NOT that impressive and after watching game film on him, I still don't see a guy that can dominate at the next level and/or who's worthy of a (high) first round pick.

    If we can't 'steal' Peterson at pick #9, however, I'd rather us grab either the BPA or even slide down (for an extra 3rd Rd pick) and draft OT Gabe Carimi (whom the Eagles covet) from Wisconsin. Gabe has a nasty streak about him that we definitely need on the Cowboys offensive line. We can also grab another stud OG (Moffitt or Danny Watkins) and/or Center (BPA) that'll be available in either Rd2 or Rd3 (and second Rd3 pick from sliding down a few spots) and infuse our entire OL with young studs.

    I strongly believe Rob Ryan will be pretty satisfied with current defensive players. If Brent gains a few pounds and can play the NT position, Ratliff can slide down to DE or (better yet) rotate with Brent to keep each other fresh. With Spears, Bowen, Hatcher, Igor, and young Lissemore as our DE's, we should be in pretty good shape for 2011. If we DRAFT a young stud NT (330lbs or bigger like they have on the Packers, Ravens, Jets, and Steelers rosters), Ratliff can move to DE to compete/rotate with the other five DE's on our roster.

    If we can't draft CB/S Peterson in RD 1, I'm sure our scouting department has one or two young fast CB's on their radar for Rd 3 or Rd 4. Regarding FS, the draft is NOT that good this year for FS prospects. Jerrah can address the FS position in Free Agency since we should play an NFL veteran at this position. And, I, personally don't believe AOA or Ball can get the job done at FS. They need to start on nickel packages and work their way into the lineup unless someone gets injured. Rds 4 thru 7 should be where we look for RB and FB help since this is our year (due to our losing record and drafting higher than normal) to get healthy and finally draft 2-3 future stud starters for the OL in the early rounds.
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    GBN can sure spin some interest about this time of year...

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