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Gears of War 3 Beta

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Christiann, Apr 27, 2011.

  1. Christiann

    Christiann Active Member

    597 Messages
    82 Likes Received
    Anyone playing it? I've been playing it for about 3 days and I must say I'm hyped for this to actually come out. The sawed-off shotgun is a little cheap though, other than that its very good. Anyone else have input?
  2. The Ominous

    The Ominous Dead Man Stalkin

    1,331 Messages
    300 Likes Received
    Been playing since it started last Monday. I think it is unbelievable for being just a beta. Gameplay is smooth and I think the weapons balance out eachother very well. I just spray a clip of retro lancer into any Sawed-off noob that comes after me. Love the new weapons like the digger and one-shot as well. I think Gears of War 3 will be the game of the year.
  3. Christiann

    Christiann Active Member

    597 Messages
    82 Likes Received
    Hammerburst + Gnasher all day.
    I also agree with you about the gameplay though, it's really smooth.
    As for GOTY I think Mass Effect 3 will get that honor, but this will be a great game.

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