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Discussion in 'History Zone' started by ABQCOWBOY, May 19, 2006.


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    Jerry has had an interesting relationship with the Cowboy fans over the years. At this stage in his career, I'm interested to know what our board things of Jerry Jones. All opinions welcome.

    Me personally, I like him. I like the fact that we are on a first name basis with him, as a fan base, Jerruh! LOL.....

    I think he works hard to make us a winner. I think he spends which is not always the case in the NFL and I think both the Cowboys and winning is important to him. For that, I respect him.

  2. Yeagermeister

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    As an owner one of the best

    As a GM he's improving
  3. Alexander

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    I don't think he has anything but the franchise's best interests at heart.

    To me, he is like the bumbling uncle who really does his best, has a great heart, but cannot avoid doing something at family reunions to either embarass himself or the family. But I don't hate him as an owner. Nobody is better. As a GM, well, he needs to get out of the kitchen and let others do the cooking. But he is getting better since Coach Parcells has been around.

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    Old School does rule Yeags.

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    I like the relationship that he, Bill, and Jeff have right now. I just wish Bill was about 50 years old and had 10 more years before he retired. It takes a strong personality to reign in Jerry. To put him in his place, so to speak. Hopefully I'm wrong and Jerry will continue this method with whatever HC Bill taps for the future.
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    I like him as well for the same reasons. I may not always agree with everything that is done but I know Jerry will do what ever he has to, to win and is pasionate about winning and the success of this franchise.
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    I loved the first 5 years of his tenure. Will never forgive him for wasting talents of 3 HOFers (Troy, Emmitt, Irvin) with puppet HCs and turning what could've been a dynasty never seen before in the NFL into a laughing stock for 10 years.

    Hoping he can stay out of his own way enough to let this team get back to its winning ways.
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    There was a time that I really despised him...Initially after the Landry thing, I got over that but then when the Switzer, Gailey, Campo carousel came through I thought he was a fool.

    Since hiring Parcells I have come around on him and at this point think us fans have a good owner
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    Fake hair; fake face.
  10. Eddie

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    He's fine as an owner. He spends what it takes to win ... big deal. So does everyone else in the NFL.

    I wish he would simply stay in his box seat and stay out of the affairs of the team.

    As a GM, he should have been fired 5 years ago. 9 years without a playoff win says it all.

    He's turned the Cowboys into the Lions and Bengals of the 21st Century.
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    I love Jerry Jones! He wants to win, and will do whatever it takes to win.

    As a fan that is all you can ask for.

    He has had to learn some hard mistakes that have cost us some losing seasons, but I can live with that.

    He really seems to be learning a lot from the past, and he is putting good people around him to help out.

    I will take Jerry Jones as the owner of my favorite team any day of the week.
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    i like the Jerruh, good owners, and gm well he's improved a lot over the last three years. personally i very interested what kind of owner stephen will become, or maybe just gm

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    I totally agree Alexander, very well put.

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    One of the things that struck me about Jerry this off season was his willingness to sacrafice. Jerry is viewed, IMO, as the Owner and GM of our team. Good, bad or indifferent, that's how most of us view him. However, this past off season showed me a lot about Jerry Jones. His willingness to compramise his own best interests and the best interests of our team, in exchange for the greater good, showed something. If no agreement had been reached, we were in a very good position to basically stick it to all of the NFL while reeping the benifits of all the pieces that fell out. We had cap and were in a excellent position to push our own personal agenda and force an uncapped year. We could have picked up a great deal of talent and still been in an excellent position to negotiate another agreement from a position of strenght, at the expense of almost everybody else. He did not do that. He really set our needs aside and bent over backwords, IMO, to get a deal worked out that is not friendly to him personally. I wonder how many other Owners or GMs might have done that same thing in Jerry's position. I watched Jerry closely through out that whole ordeal. You could see that he hated having to do what he did but he did it anyway. To me, selflesness is a mark of greatness in a person.

    My hat is off to Mr. Jerry Jones for that.
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    Great Post ABQ! :bow:
  16. SultanOfSix

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    I love him. He wants to do everything to make the Cowboys successful. Although he's made mistakes in the past and probably will do so in the future because no one is perfect (I just hope they're minor ones), I cannot question his passion or his drive to win.
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    Personally I always thought he got too much bum rap as GM, as far drafting goes. He wasn't the best but he wasn't half as bad as some would like to think, which was the worst in NFL seemed like.

    Now his GM job of hiring coaches after Jimmy was one thing I hated about him. As Owner we always knew he was one of the best at it if not the best. I don't if any other owner is so much into his team as Jerry is, till Litttle Napolean came along I guess.
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    I agree.
  19. Chief

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    Jerry is fascinating to me.

    He's a classic overachiever whose passion for success is second to none. He somehow willed his undersized body to become a solid player on the offensive line of a national championship team in college, then married Miss Arkansas, then made millions drilling for gas and outsmarting his rivals.

    He buys the Cowboys, makes a great hire in Jimmy Johnson and shocks the league, winning three Super Bowls in his first several years in the league. Veteran player agent Leigh Steinberg called Jerry "analytically brilliant" after working with him on Aikman's rookie contract. When it comes to marketing and making deals, he comes across as way ahead of his time, and certainly way ahead of the other owners.

    The pride took over. "Pride cometh before the fall," it is said.

    Jerry, IMO, has some fatal flaws when it comes to dealing with players and evaluating players. He gets emotionally attached. He gets a certain guy in his cross-hairs and refuses to look anywhere else. He has a stubborn streak in this regard.

    The man who was called "analytically brilliant" turns into Gomer Pyle when he enters the War Room each April.

    His hiring of Campo is a direct reflection of Jerry's overconfidence in his own ability. There's no way he could have believed that Campo was the best coach available. I think Jerry believed that his ability as a GM and owner would carry the team and that Campo would never challenge him.

    At times, I'm amazed at how naive he is ... whether its his hiring practices or firing practices (Landry), his evaluation of players, or waiting several years to put the right turf in Texas Stadium. The best line about Jerry was Cowlishaw's, I believe: "In the picture of the dogs playing poker, Jerry is the one wagging his tail."

    He's an enigma to me. The man who can be vindictive to one former Cowboy over a marketing deal (Drew Pearson), will also send his jet to just about any former player in need and practically adopted the family of another Cowboy great (Bob Hayes).

    Sometimes he makes me happy that he owns the team.

    Sometimes he makes me livid.

    But he always makes me laugh.
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    Generally, I think he's a great owner. The entire NFL owes a lot to Jones. He probably could've convinced enough owners to not want a salary cap, but he was pretty much all for it. While Jones made plenty of bad decisions on his own, the presence of a salary cap probably cost Dallas at least one Super Bowl, if not two or three Super Bowls.

    Back in '94 Tagliabue actually wanted to take less from the networks and Jones convinced Tags to wait a year to see if another network picks up the NFL and drives up the price. Tags took Jones' advice and basically because he did so, the salary cap is so high right. Essentially, it's gotten to the point where every team in the league makes money and good money, but there's still parity. And while the cap isn't the greatest thing for the players, it's so high now that it's a pretty good deal (especially considering if they wind up getting the NFL pension, they can make $325,000 a year in retirement)

    As an owner/GM of the team, I'd take him over the other owners. He's gotten the team 3 Super Bowls and one NFC Championship appearance. I'll always side with him on the Jimmy leaving situation (Jimmy was really an ingrate in my mind since everybody thought he was a joke when he came into the league and followed it up with a 1-15 season and Jerry still stuck with him). After that, he'd lost his mind trying to prove to the world that you don't need a high profile coach, but he finally came to his senses by getting Parcells.

    Generally, I think he's a real good guy. But since he's so driven, he loves the spotlight, and he owns Dallas, people think he's evil or a jerk. I believe if he was the owner of the Packers or just about any other team he would be considered as one of the greatest sports figures around instead of being villafied.


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