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    Stock up


    Geno Smith, West Virginia, QB
    Smith makes his second appearance on the list after torching James Madison for 411 pass yards and five touchdowns. Smith has been superb with his accuracy, ball placement and decisions, while directing the Mountaineers' high-octane offense. NFL scouts have kept close tabs on Smith throughout his career due to his remarkable production since taking over the helm in 2010, but he has started to create a buzz in the scouting community as a possible first-round pick based on his combination of physical tools and football aptitude. He has shown a game that is far more polished than typical spread offense quarterbacks, and his gradual improvement over the past year makes him a viable option as a potential franchise quarterback. With a challenging schedule against Big 12 competition to showcase his impressive skills on a big stage, Smith could climb dramatically up the charts over the course of the season.

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    Geno is 32-36 and 33-38 in two games.

    Nine TD passes, .. to go along with only nine incompletions.

    That is crazy.
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    He is starting off this season the same way RGIII started off last year. Completing an insanely high percentage of passes, throwing TDs and not turning the ball over. A good early start propelled RGIII last year from being just a Heisman contender into a Heisman front runner. Perhaps Smith will be able to do the same thing.
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    Oh, don't take me wrong, I'm not tooting his horn as if he is the absolute best QB in the nation, or that he should win the Heisman, or anything like that.

    I just like the kid a lot, and he is doing really well right now. He is really fun to watch.

    He is a very smart QB, .. poised, he is humble, a team player, always looking to get better and improve, .. it's real easy to cheer for a kid like that in this day and age of narcissism.

    He probably does not have much of a true opportunity to win the Heisman, .. Barkley threw two picks and lost his game and they are still talking about him over Geno, because he goes to USC.

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