Gerald sensabaugh ??

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Pessimist_cowboy, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. CyberB0b

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    I have defended him before, but he is terrible. He doesn't tackle downhill. He just sits there and then misses the tackle. He can't cover and has bad instincts.
  2. perrykemp

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    Get rid of him?

    He just got a sweet contract extension last year.
  3. Kangaroo

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    This is not a coaching issue jerome Henderson is a well respected DB coach this is not Campo back their way to much over reaction. Int come from pressure and QB making bad throws or tipped passes.

    The defense rarely tipped balls at the line of scrimmage and way to often gave QB way to much time in the pocket. This was about up front play on the dline. I am a 4-3 guy myself and would love for this team to go back to that type defense and with the passing games the way they are today fast LB like the old days seem to be in order
  4. Oh_Canada

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    The man plays with no passion.
  5. SWG9

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    He's out several games almost every year. He can't stay on the field.
  6. Zordon

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  7. bigdnlaca

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    If that stat line is true, then he should go. Didn't they let go of Hamlin because of the same stat line?
  8. respectdatstar

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    From what I am looking at, only 2 teams had more INTs than we did. ARI and KC. We were middle of the pack in team sacks. We had 19 and 36, respectively. We only had 12 INTs last season to go along with 33 sacks. Just throwing numbers out there.
  9. newlander

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    ........Jerrah and his 'front office' think they're smart enough to get safeties on the cheap: same with Olinemen. Smartest guys in the room....look where it's gotten them in the last 16 seasons: ONE playoff win......pathetic:lmao:
  10. newlander

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    ...I said at the time it was a HORRIBLE deal by the bumbling old idiot JJ: add it to the list:

    1A)doug 'turnstyle' free
    1B) J(gimp)Rat
    2)Smiles Austin
    ...........................JJ is Al Davis Jr. and we're doomed because of him:bang2:
  11. KevinU

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    He needs to go, he has not made any plays that I can remember in his time here.
  12. Chappy

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    Can't believe this guy got a contract extension as well. :bang2:

    He is nothing more than a witches hat out there on D.
  13. Blue Eyed Devil

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    Sensabaugh sucks and he's our best safety. He'll be back.
  14. dantheman41

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    It's funny several weeks back I said same thing about Sensabaugh and everyone bit my head off. He's a below average safety who doesn't excel in anything other then a high vertical jump lol. Misses so many tackles, takes awful angles and is never makes a play
  15. The Natural

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    That's exactly what's wrong with this team. Constantly hanging on to scrubs because "they're the best we got". This bum should've been let go after escorting Sidney Rice into the endzone in that playoff debacle in Minnesota.
  16. Deep_Freeze

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    Only Cowboys fans would consider keeping Sensy while thinking about cutting Romo, TRat, Miles, and such.....this fanbase is absolutely unbelievable sometimes.
  17. GloryDaysRBack

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    Lolololol at the guys on this board who were defending Sensy preseason. Saying he was an 80 on a scale of 100....hahahahahaha 80?!? How about 63
  18. Deep_Freeze

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    Even if we kept the gang together (which I doubt), Sensy would be the worse starter on defense and its not even close.

    Yet some try to justify keeping him around, I just don't get it at all.
  19. TheCoolFan

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    No clue. Maybe he's great in the locker room so that buys you 5+ years. Ken Hamlin was better and he still got the ax after 3 years
  20. LarryCanadian

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    I can think of 3 plays Sensi made this year and that is it. Seems like a nice guy, but overpaid and a liability on the field, sorry.

    He made a nice, important open-field tackle on Richardson in the Cleveland game. His only good technique tackle I saw him make all year.

    He broke up two passes in the end zone this year, by hitting the receiver just as they jumped up and caught the ball.

    Otherwise, he is a step late, and shows ZERO anticipation in the passing game. He takes terrible angles.

    His tackling is some of the worst for a safety I've ever seen - he shoulder tackles, often closing his eyes and completely missing or bouncing off. Unfortunately, that has now transferred to a number of our other
    DB's as well.

    Other than LineBackers, your safeties should easily be your best tacklers on the team - not even close.

    WAY overpaid. I also don't think he's super smart calling teh defense back there either.

    Easy upgrade or at least similar production from a much younger/cheaper/tougher tackling player please!

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