Giants fans aren't feeling the optimism we are

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by erod, Aug 12, 2013.

  1. erod

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    Things aren't rosy in Giants land these days. After getting gashed on the ground last year, early reports are they aren't holding up against the run early on this year either.

    Which is made worse by a very weak secondary to boot.

    All the more reason to sign Waters and get this running game fine-tuned before September 8. Tuck and company are getting long in the tooth, or they're simply not that good position by position. Control Pierre-Paul, and there's not much else to worry about.

    Or so their fans say.

    Add to this our promising pass rush developments, and Eli the statue might have a rough night, too. He has too often just sat in the pocket at Cowboys Stadium with nary a wisp of pressure. I feel good that will change for us in 2013.

    I feel a win Week One, and not by just a little bit.
  2. KJJ

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    Yeah the Cowboys who haven't made the playoffs in 3 straight years have a lot more reason for optimism than the Giants who are only one year removed from their last championship. :rolleyes:
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  3. Frozen700

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    We have no room to be laughing or pointing the finger at anybody
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  4. Doomsday101

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    Cowboys just need to focus on what they have to do to become a better team. Regardless of what fans will say the Gmen are not rolling over for us or anyone else.
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  5. erod

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    I'm just telling you. Go to their boards. I was in New York last week, and they feel they've gotten old and stale. Their defense is in shambles.
  6. rocyaice

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    Don't pay them any mind. I remember vaguely the season of their last Super Bowl winning season. The fans wanted Coughlin gone and Eli potentially benched. They do this every year. They just expect a lot from their team being in a NY market.
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  7. Eddie

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    Let's beat the Gnats first before pointing fingers at them.
  8. KJJ

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    Their fans are down because they missed the playoffs after winning the SB. I'm sure they were miserable after going virtually nowhere the next 3 years after winning the SB in 07. The Giants missed the playoffs in 09 and 2010 how optimistic could their fans have been heading into the 2011 season? How do figure Cowboy fans are feeling more optimism than their fans? What have the Cowboys done the past 18 years especially the last 3 years to make their fans feel optimistic? Most of the experts have either the Giants or Redskins winning the NFC East in 2013. The Giants have to like their chances a lot on opening day traveling to Cowboys stadium where they've never lost. Plus they'll be playing a Cowboys team that's had serious issues on Sunday Night.
  9. Wezsh0T

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    Too bad optimism from fans doesn't win games. Every year, I tell myself I'm not going to get too excited during preseason and every year I end up excited. Jerry is definitely the snake oil salesman.

    I must say that we have looked much sharper than in recent preseasons though.
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  10. AsthmaField

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    They may be only a couple of year's removed from their last championship... but this year's Giants are a million miles away from that squad.

    Their pass rush is a mere shadow of what it was then. Indeed their whole defense now pales in comparison to that electric group.

    Everything about that team now screams mediocrity.

    Just my $0.02
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  11. KJJ

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    Between the Cowboys and Giants the Cowboys are a team that "screams" mediocrity. We've been seeing mediocrity for the past 3 seasons.
  12. Primetime42

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    Who gives a rip?
  13. AsthmaField

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    The Giants record, even in their last super bowl season was 9-7. A pretty mediocre record (in what was admittedly NOT a mediocre season because they won a championship).

    In 2010 they finished out of the playoffs.

    In 2012 they again finished 9-7 and out of the playoffs.

    Watching that team, it looks like a team on the downswing. It just feels like they're going in the wrong direction.

    You may feel differently, but I think the Giants are sliding. Apparently a lot of their fans feel that way as well.
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  14. DandyDon1722

    DandyDon1722 It's been a good 'un, ain't it?

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    Past performance is no indication of future success or failure. It's a three point league -- anything can happen.
  15. Bungarian

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    I refuse to get my hopes up until the regular season. Every year it is the same. I think they have a good draft and offseason. I think in camp they are going to be good only to be disappointed.
  16. GroundUp

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    Sums it up
  17. KJJ

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    The Giants didn't look like they were going anywhere in 2007. They were 10-6 and the Cowboys owned them during the regular season. The Giants ended up getting hot at just the right time and went on to beat a 17-0 team in the SB. They were 0-3 vs the Cowboys and Pats during the regular season in 07 and finished 2-0 against them during the postseason. The Giants looked done after the 09 and 2010 season missing the playoffs both years. The Giants fans wanted Coughlin gone. They bounced back in 2011 and ended up being the only 9-7 team to ever win a SB. I'm certainly not saying the Giants will be anything special in 2013 but what I am saying is you can never count them out especially when Coughlin is on the hot seat. LOL They have a HC and QB who have a pair of championship rings and a team that doesn't give up.

    They looked dead in 2011 at 7-7 and BOOM! The Giants are a team that you can never take for granted. They can look like crap for a month then out of nowhere start playing championship football. They're one of the strangest teams I've ever seen. They've proven that regardless of what their team is looking like or what their record is if it's good enough to get them into the playoffs anything can happen. They're able to plug in players and win. In 07 they won it all with Burress, Toomer, Shockey and an obscure TE who ended up making arguably the greatest catch in SB history. In 2011 they won it all with Cruz, Nicks and Manningham.
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  18. Risen Star

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    I guess we should all throw away our resumes.

    How do you scout players? Their past performance means nothing.
  19. Risen Star

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    Ya know when past performance really doesn't mean anything?

    When you're a fan of a team that's struggled for years.
  20. Fletch

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    Thanks KJJ. We should all just burn our jerseys, hats and T-shirts that bare the name Cowboys and snarl at any positive vibe that we might feel coming on. Thank you for setting us on the correct path of fandom. :rolleyes:

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