News: Giants focus on keeping Romo in pocket

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    Picture yourself in Tony Romo’s helmet for a minute, if you will. Don’t begin the self-loathing, yet, Giants fans; there’s a point to this exercise.

    You drop back for a pass under the lights on Sunday night. You look left over your tackle and guard who are four inches taller than you. You look to your right over your other two linemen three inches taller than you. And finally you scan the middle over the center who is roughly your 6-foot-2 height only to see Linval Joseph and Chris Canty rushing at you.

    You’ve just fallen into the Giants’ game plan.

    Romo posted a 141.3 passer rating against the Giants in their first meeting (the fourth-highest of his nine-year career) while hooking up for four touchdowns and zero interceptions.

    Two of his touchdown throws came when he was on the go. The first was a tight end screen where he rolled right and threw left to John Phillips, and the second was a naked bootleg to the right off a play action to Laurent Robinson.

    With that evidence, the Big Blue defense is putting a premium on keeping the shifty quarterback in the pocket.

    “You just got to be aware of it,” Justin Tuck said. “I think the reason why you want to keep him in is he’s not as tall, and he has big, tall offensive linemen. It makes it a little bit more difficult for him to see down the field when he’s in the pocket. It is difficult, though.”

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