Giants hire new offensive coordinator

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jan 15, 2014.

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    He is going to find out how is easy his job has been working with Rodgers the past several seasons.
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    Eli why did you throw that up for grabs? Duh it worked in the Super Bowl.
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    Kevin Gilbride was pretty awful.

    I worry about them hiring anybody to be honest.
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    I think not, suddenly Gilbride didn't turn awful, theIr lack of O-L did their offense in , Eli didn't help throwing interceptions, ( he is no Romo in that aspect who has made a living with bad OLs and JGs scheme ) . As long as they don't steady their OL their offense will not be potent.
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    I'm not basing this on just last year. I'm basing it on his play designs. I post more on the Giants forum than I do here, and there was about a 50 page long thread about the offense and how he sucks and whether or not it was Eli's or Gilbride's fault for not adjusting and compensating for having a crappy offensive line-- particularly on 3rd and shorts.

    So I went through every week up until then with the coaches film (I think about week 11 or 12 at the time), and it turns out Gilbride's plays on 3rd and short just didn't scream "Genius".

    On 3rd and 4 or less, Gilbride maybe dialed in a run a little less than 10% of the time. And on 95% of his passing plays, he had 3 of 4 receiving options going unnecessarily long. The one short option would always be like a shallow hook, shallow out, or on some occasions a drag route (these were the most successful, but rarely called).


    Here you've got the usual suspects in a pretty typical 3 wide set. Randle up top, Cruz middle, Nicks bottom, and it's Myers working the underneath here.

    Without context, this isn't an awful play. With context.

    1. This is a pretty common play. I'd be all for this if it the majority of his 3rd and short plays look like this.
    2. He doesn't utilize his playmakers for the conversion... instead he has his worst receiving option working the most reasonable route and all of his actual playmakers have their backs to the ball while Eli's in trouble because...
    3. The offensive line is, in fact, horrible. As an OC, you have to know that you cannot run this play considering the players you have.

    And lastly, all this means is that he fails to adjust to his personnel and runs a 'big play' type offense. Very feast or famine, and without the players it's all famine for the Giants this year.

    On the offensive line:
    They'll have a decent amount of cap space this offseason, high first round pick (and high subsequent picks), and they don't have as dire needs elsewhere. I think their offensive line will be fine next year, especially considering Pugh's great start/building block season last year.
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    Will just have to wait and see. Didn't they have a few OL injuries, as well as WR injuries last year.
    And we know how injuries can effect a team.

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