Giants place LB Dan Connor on IR, sign LB Allen Bradford

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by dmq, Sep 13, 2013.

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    Giants linebacker Dan Connor was placed on season-ending injured reserve today, Conor Orr of the "Newark Star Ledger" reports. This according to league records.
    During interview sessions earlier today, Connor did not appear to think his injury was that serious. Despite suffering burners in the preseason finale and the season opener, he talked about getting acupuncture therapy and was still watching some Broncos film this week in preparation for Sunday.
    He considered himself day to day.
    The injury leaves Mark Herzlich as the team's sole middle linebacker for Sunday unless they can complete an unprecedented one-day cram session with their new acquisition, Allen Bradford.

    The Giants claimed Bradford, a former collegiate running back and linebacker who also played both positions in the NFL, off waivers today.
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    brilliant. the are weak at both linebacker and running back. o_O
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    Guess he wasn't faking.
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    They will still find a way to play us close next time.
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    Seattle fans really seem to like Bradford. I wonder if this was a calculated risk on the Giants figuring out that Connor is trash anyway. I hope the Giants didn't find a diamond in the rough here.
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    How many injuries is that for them this year?

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