Gibbs' post-game comments were all about Portis

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by AMERICAS_FAN, Sep 18, 2006.


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    Did you guys catch Gibbs' post game comments? He must have mentioned Portis a zillion times. Now in his defense, Gibbs didn't get whiny about not having Portis, and at the end he did say that you just have to go with the guysd you've got; however Gibbs mentioned Portis so much you could easily read between the lines and see that he was using missing Portis at the big excuse for gettring trounced by Dallas. I wish I could go back and re-watch his post-game comments, just to count the number of times he mentioned Portis' name, comapred to other players who actually played. Unfortunaltely I don't have that taped to do that.

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    if you really want to see it, you can go to but i doubt you really want to see it again
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    :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2:
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    If anything, Gibbs is probably just trying to keep his teams spirits up by reminding them that they weren't at full strength when they got trounced. That way, when Portis does come back, the team will have their spirits lifted.
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    Frankly, this game may not have been as easy if Portis had been available - especially the way we kind of coasted in the middle of the game. After the kickoff return for a TD the momentum could easily have shifted had the Skins had Portis to help carry the offensive load.

    That's why we had better learn to minimize the mistakes and quit relaxing after we get a lead - that isn't going to work with teams that have a full compliment of players and weapons.
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    I'm sure Parcells is going to be harping on these penalties and with good reason. Dallas did more to stop themselves last night than anything the redskins were doing. As for Portis who knows what would have happened. I do know that no one shed a tear for Dallas when we suffered through injuries and I will not worry about who played and did not play for any other teams. That's football.
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    I agree completely that we stopped ourselves more than the Skins stopped us. Those penalties always seemed to negate a big play.

    And you are right that Portis being hurt is just part of football. My only point was that we wont always be so fortunate as to play teams with perhaps their best player hurt, so we will need to eliminate most of the costly mistakes.
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    Portis is big for the Redskins.

    We did go 0-2 without Emmitt the year after the Superbowl and we had a very good cast of players without him.

    Portis makes a BIG difference for them and I would not count them out yet - but they did play very bad on the other hand!
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    Portis is big and was a major loss for them. Cowboys didn't have to worry too much about the Redskin running game last night.

    The other major loss was Springs. The Redskins can't trust his replacement and must give him help. Much more difficult for them to come with a variety of blitzes with Springs out.
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    A healthy Portis makes a big difference for them. We may not see that this year.
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    The Portis injury was big for the skins, but Brunnel is about done. He can not throw 3 passes in a row that are quality balls.

    Also, the skins lack of depth is going to be a glaring hole when they get into these nfc east games down the road, there defense was sucking wind the whole second half, marcus washington and the entire d-line were bent over on a knee catching there breath during the commercial breaks in the whole second half.

    The national media has been diagnosing Dallas as the team with poor offensive tackles and poor qb play, now its time to turn that attention to Washington, because samuels, jansen and brunnel were pretty much miserable last night and they werent exactly great against minnesota, and we know what happened in the preseason.

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