Gil Brandt's 2005 draft prospects

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    Since the 'Boys have two 1st rounders at this point.. thought this might help us figure where we might look next years.. courtesy of Gil Brandt

    Scouting process just beginning

    By Gil Brandt Senior Analyst

    (May 17, 2004) -- You might find this hard to believe, but almost every NFL team is getting ready to send at least three scouts to another scouting combine later this month. It'll be in sunny Florida, it'll be crowded with scouts who will be discussing the positives and negatives of many young men, but there won't be a single player there.

    This is thanks to the NFL's pair of scouting organizations: BLESTO and National Football Scouting. Each of these organizations is made up of scouts from different teams, and all except five teams "subscribe" to one of these groups. Who's in which group? See for yourself:

    BLESTO National No affiliation
    Atlanta Arizona Baltimore
    Buffalo Carolina Indianapolis
    Chicago Cincinnati New England
    Cleveland Denver Oakland
    Dallas Green Bay Washington
    Detroit Kansas City
    Houston New Orleans
    Jacksonville N.Y. Jets
    Miami Philadelphia
    Minnesota St. Louis
    N.Y. Giants San Diego
    Pittsburgh San Francisco
    Tampa Bay

    You'll notice there are some intriguing alliances made. For example, all four members of the NFC West are in National, as are Kansas City, Denver and San Diego (all three part of the AFC West). Chicago, Detroit and Minnesota are all in BLESTO, along with rivals Dallas and the Giants, Pittsburgh and Cleveland, and Miami and Buffalo.

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    Also, five teams -- the Ravens, Colts, Patriots, Raiders and Redskins -- aren't a part of either group. They choose to scout by themselves, keeping things "in house."

    The point of these groups is that they are time savers and money savers. Instead of 27 teams independently travelling to each school -- from major college campuses to remote gyms in the middle of nowhere -- the two combines will cover them. From there, only a single report is filed and shared with the other teams as part of the group. That information-sharing process takes place in Florida (this year, BLESTO will be in Orlando while National will be in Longboat Key, Fla.).

    At the meetings
    At these very underpublicized affairs, area scouts will give their reports and a numerical grade on all of the 2005 draft-eligible players they have seen in action and work out at what they call "Junior Day" at campuses (more on that in a bit). The process is a bit more complicated than it sounds -- once a scout gives his report, there's a second opinion given from another scout. His report may sound a lot like the first scout, or it might be completely different. The grade could be the same, or it could be better or worse. There's an old phrase: "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." Bet you never thought that would apply to an NFL prospect, but it does.

    The grade given lends an idea to teams where a player could be drafted. This way, the teams will know who the big-ticket guys are, who the mid-round guys are, who the late-round guys are, and if their scouts think differently, who the sleepers are. Now that teams have these grades, they can decide which schools their scouts are going to cover in the fall. This will even give teams an idea which small schools are worth going to on a regular basis. Thanks to last year's events, players like Jason Babin (Western Michigan) and Ricardo Colclough (Tusculum) were put on the map for scouts to discover. Both were taken with picks in the top 40 of last month's draft.

    Of course, none of this can be done without the aforementioned Junior Day.

    What is Junior Day?
    How do BLESTO and National Scouts know how tall a player is or how much they weigh? Well, they don't run around with tape measures and scales chasing down collegiates on their way to class. Thanks to the college sports departments, the draft-eligible players take part in a workout much like a Pro Day just for these scouts. At some point after the college season and spring practice, schools will schedule their Junior Days. Iowa had its Junior Day after spring practice was over, while places like Kansas State did it after its Pro Day. Everybody has a different way of doing it.

    Iowa strength and conditioning coach Chris Doyle has been putting together Junior Days for a while, so perhaps it's better if he explains what happens:

    "We start at 12:30 p.m.," Doyle said. "I meet with the pro scouts and just run down the list of who our draft eligible guys are. I give them an athletic background, a profile of each player, and information about the history of the players' physical development over their four years.

    "Then we go to the weight room and the seniors are there waiting. At that time, we do measurables (height and weight, hand size and reach). Then we go to our indoor facility, go through a warm up, they run a 40-yard dash, complete with times for the first 10 yards and the entire distance. After that we have the players run a short shuttle, which gives the scouts a chance to judge their change of direction. After that, we give the guys 20 minutes to shower and change, and they take the Wonderlic test. That's pretty much Junior Day."

    The skinny
    You didn't think we were going to tell you about all of this without sharing some information, did you? We've spoken to a lot of people, and here are 64 names of players teams are talking about now. Write these names down, commit them to memory or bookmark this page and come back to it later, but here are 64 guys (in alphabetical order) you should keep an eye on during the upcoming football season. Besides, by this time next year, one or more of these guys could be on your favorite pro football team.

    Jason Anderson WR Wake Forest
    Derek Anderson QB Oregon State
    Alex Barron OT Florida State
    David Bass OG Michigan
    Cedric Benson RB Texas
    Michael Boley LB Southern Miss
    Jamaal Brimmer S UNLV
    C.J. Brooks OT Maryland
    Elton Brown OG Virginia
    James Brown OT Oklahoma
    Ronnie Brown RB Auburn
    Kevin Burnett LB Tennessee
    James Butler S Georgia Tech
    Chris Canty OG Virginia
    Brian Casey TE Kansas State
    Mark Clayton WR Oklahoma
    Dan Cody DE Oklahoma
    Shawn Cody DE Southern Cal
    Chris Colmer OT N.C. State
    Dustin Colquitt P Tennessee
    Anthony Davis RB Wisconsin
    Adell Duckett DE Texas Tech
    Braylon Edwards WR Michigan
    Charles Fredrick WR Washington
    Charlie Frye QB Akron
    Fred Gibson WR Georgia
    David Greene QB Georgia
    Marques Harris LB Colorado
    Anttaj Hawthorne DT Wisconsin
    Reggie Herrell WR TCU
    Cedric Houston RB Tennessee
    Jonathan Jackson DE Oklahoma
    Marlin Jackson CB Michigan
    Derrick Johnson LB Texas
    Marcus Johnson OG Mississippi
    Eric King CB Wake Forest
    Geoff McArthur WR Cal
    Lance Mitchell LB Oklahoma
    Kyle Morrison LB San Diego State
    Michael Munoz OT Tennessee
    Terrence Murphy WR Texas A&M
    Jonathan Nichols K Mississippi
    Donte Nicholson S Oklahoma
    Doug Nienhuis OT Oregon State
    Dan Orlovsky QB Connecticut
    Kyle Orton QB Purdue
    Mike Patterson DT Southern Cal
    Antonio Perkins KR Oklahoma
    Rob Petitti OT Pittsburgh
    David Pollack DE Georgia
    Walter Reyes RB Syracuse
    Antrel Rolle CB Miami (Fla.)
    Matt Roth DE Iowa
    Marcus Spears DE LSU
    Darren Sproles RB Kansas State
    Bill Swancutt DT Oregon State
    Adam Terry OT Syracuse
    Craphonso Thorpe WR Florida State
    Andrew Walter QB Arizona State
    Corey Webster CB LSU
    Jason White QB Oklahoma
    Ben Wilkerson C LSU
    Carnell Williams RB Auburn
    Darren Williams CB Oklahoma State
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    somehow I missed Hostile's posting of this
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    I think I posted something completely different from Brandt.
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    yeah.. I did see that after that I made my ooops.. would have been an oops for an oops

    ok, so I am not perfect yet
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    thats awesome.. eric king is my first cousin. he's been a starter since the end of his freshman year at wake forest but i had no idea he was receiving this type of nfl attention. wow.
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    We probably go there, CB or DT with One's?

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