Gimmesix's preseason Game 3 53-man roster

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    Quarterbacks (3)
    Tony Romo
    BACKUPS Kyle Orton, Alex Tanney
    COMMENTS Romo was accurate to everyone by Terrance Williams against Arizona. His only other incompletion was a throwaway. Orton was the opposite, which might be a reason to keep Tanney around. There's still a real good chance that Dallas only keeps two quarterbacks, but up until his interception, Tanney showed the pocket presence and accuracy to make a case for keeping three.

    Running backs (4)
    DeMarco Murray
    BACKUPS Lance Dunbar, Joseph Randle, Phillip Tanner
    COMMENTS Dunbar showed why Dallas is high on him with his burst (despite the fumble), but his injury might force Dallas to keep four running backs, if the Cowboys weren't going to already. Tanner got no carries against the Cardinals and doesn't really provide much as a runner, so Dallas ultimately will have to decide if he's worth keeping just for special teams. I don't think so, but the injury complicates the issue.

    Wide receivers (5)
    Dez Bryant, Miles Austin
    BACKUPS Terrance Williams, Cole Beasley, Dwayne Harris
    PRACTICE SQUAD Tim Benford
    COMMENTS Bryant and Austin are looking like a very dangerous pair, and Williams flashed ability to add to that if he and Romo can get on the same page. Despite his turnover (saying that a lot tonight), Harris' place is pretty much secured as the primary return man, while Beasley seems locked into the fifth spot based on his play the previous week. The question is will Dallas keep a sixth receiver like Anthony Armstrong? Probably not if it keeps a fourth running back. Benford looks like he's headed back to the practice squad, but I can't say any of the other receivers are showing enough to join him. I was hoping to see more from Danny Coale, Eric Rogers and Jared Green.

    Tight ends (4)
    Jason Witten
    BACKUPS Gavin Escobar, James Hanna, Dante Rosario
    PRACTICE SQUAD Andre Smith
    COMMENTS A lot of people seem convinced that Dallas will not use Escobar as much as Hanna this season, but I'm not sure about that. I though Escobar was the better player against Arizona, although granted, most of his highlights came against backups. I didn't see anything from Hanna, though, that made me believed he'd lock up a starting spot in the 12 personnel.

    Linemen (9)
    Tyron Smith, Ron Leary, Travis Frederick, Mackenzy Bernadeau, Doug Free
    BACKUPS David Arkin, Phil Costa, Nate Livings, Jermey Parnell
    PRACTICE SQUAD Edawn Coughman
    COMMENTS Smith didn't have his best game, but still was pretty solid as the first-team line played fairly well. The weak link was Bernadeau, who got knocked back or out of the way (in the way of the running backs) several times. Arkin outplayed him and might deserve a chance to unseat him in the starting lineup if Dallas doesn't add Brian Waters. Many seem to have prejudged Arkin as a bust, but he's actually played pretty well in the preseason, even in his stints with the starters. If Demetress Bell shows signs that he can get back to his Buffalo form, he might get Dallas to keep a 10th lineman.

    Linemen (9)
    DeMarcus Ware, Jay Ratliff, Jason Hatcher, Anthony Spencer
    BACKUPS Kyle Wilber, Sean Lissemore, Ben Bass, Nick Hayden, George Selvie
    PRACTICE SQUAD Jerome Long
    COMMENTS Ware continues to look like he's going to live in the backfield in this scheme, and despite missing two starters, the line actually help up well against Arizona with Hayden and Selvie in the lineup. Bass also flashes some ability, while the player who really caught my eye Saturday was one of the newest to the team, Thaddeus Gibson. While I didn't add him to the roster, I was tempted because he was tearing up the Arizona backups against the run and pass. He shows nice balance and movement skills.

    Linebackers (6)
    Bruce Carter, Sean Lee, Justin Durant
    BACKUPS Ernie Sims, Brandon Magee, DeVonte Holloman
    PRACTICE SQUAD Deon Lacey, Caleb McSurdy
    COMMENTS The loss of Alex Albright for the season makes this position easier to pick. Albright was a question mark to make the roster this year, but showed more ability last year as a linebacker than we've seen from Magee. Magee is starting to come on some, though, and seems to be favored over McSurdy. Holloman isn't consistent, but he's catching eyes with his playmaking ability, and Lacey has flashed at times. I moved Durant back into the starting lineup ahead of Sims because of Sims' injury.

    Cornerbacks (5)
    Morris Claiborne, Brandon Carr
    BACKUPS Orlando Scandrick, Sterling Moore, B.W. Webb
    COMMENTS Carr had a tough assignment, but I didn't think this group played too poorly considering it was without Claiborne. I didn't notice any glaring mistakes by Webb this time.

    Safeties (5)
    Barry Church, Will Allen
    BACKUPS J.J. Wilcox, Matt Johnson, Eric Frampton
    PRACTICE SQUAD Jeff Heath, Jakar Hamilton
    COMMENTS The three backups here all missed the Arizona game. Maybe that helped them because I didn't see any of the other potential backups step up and seize a spot. Danny McCray did force a fumble, but I still maintain that Frampton has shown to be the better player as a safety, on special teams and pricewise.

    Long snapper LP Ladouceur
    Kicker Dan Bailey
    Punter Chris Jones
    COMMENTS I haven't looked at the numbers, but Jones doesn't appear to be punting as well as he did last preseason. He was booming punts then and pinning return men on the sideline. Maybe the new special teams coach is asking him to do it differently for now so he can evaluate the coverage.
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    I just can't see them keeping 4 RB's the more I think about it. I think they keep 3 and go heavy at Safety or the oline. Also I'm wondering how the coaching staff feels about Hamilton. If they think he is a player do you try and stash him on the PS or go heavy there. Also I think if they go 4TE I think the nod goes to Smith because he can block and he is a big dude that can catch.
  3. Idgit

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    I'm thinking increasingly that Livings could be off the team. I'd prefer we have a 4th OT stashed someplace, and that might be Bell. I could also see a 6th WR and only 3 RBs, depending on where we can get ST contributions. Other than that, that's pretty much exactly how I see the roster shaping up, too.
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    I agree on everything here except keeping Frampton over McCray. McCray is probably our best special teams player, he'll make the cut.

    Tanney showcased some skills you can't teach.... pocket awareness, arm strength and accuracy. Another team starving for a QB would yank him right off our practice squad like what happened with Matt Moore a few years ago.

  5. gimmesix

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    I was ready to back off on keeping 4 RBs until Dunbar got hurt. If he's unavailable for the opener, I can't see us cutting Tanner.

    As far as Hamilton goes, I don't think he's shown enough to be kept on the 53, neither has Smith, but both could be kept on the PS for different reasons — Hamilton as a developmental prospect; Smith as a TE to bring up if there's an injury.
  6. gimmesix

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    I don't think Livings gets cut unless we bring in Waters. He's our backup vet at the guard spots. If Waters comes in, then Bernadeau becomes the backup vet.
    I'm interested in seeing how Bell shapes up, literally.

    The special teams contributions probably will be one of the major factors for the fourth RB/sixth WR spot, and I think Tanner has the advantage because we don't need a return man. Despite not having good vision as a runner, Tanner gets downfield and makes hits on ST.
  7. gimmesix

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    McCray isn't better than Frampton on special teams, or at least he wasn't last year. Frampton had 21 tackles on special teams last year to McCray's 18 even though Frampton wasn't with the team at the beginning of the season. He was clearly the better special teams player. That's not a knock on McCray, who is also good at it. I'd just rather keep the better player on ST and at safety.

    I'm not sure some team would pick off Tanney if we waived him, but there is that possibility. He was out there for the grabbing heading into camp, though, and nobody snatched him up. Has his performance in the preseason changed that? Possibly, that's why I kept him on the 53.
  8. Idgit

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    My opinion on Livings was really colored by Mickey and Broaddus' commentary last week on his offseason. They were insistent he not only dogged the offseason, but they speculated the guaranteed money in his deal and the idea he'll be cut next year as a result of how the deal is structured has him with no interest to play football anymore. It's tough to read too much into that, but when the two guys with inside sources are so sour on him, it's probably because the reports are true. What I don't know is whether or not the team plans to keep him and use him as a swing OG, anyway, given he's got so much experience. I could easily see that. I could also see them cutting him on principle and taking the cap hit if there's margin to do it. I just don't know if there is.
  9. gimmesix

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    They might be right, but he has been dealing with recoveries. I do think he has already lost his starting job, so the next step is out the door, but I'm not sure Dallas is ready to take that step this year because the roster replacement (if Waters isn't signed) is either Bell or Kowalski. At this moment, Livings is the better known commodity. Bell needs to get in shape to prove he's worth a spot, and Kowalski needs to get on the field.

    I do think Arkin's rise gives Dallas less reason to keep Livings, but I'm not sure exactly how much trust the Cowboys have in Arkin.
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    i still don't see 3 qb's
  11. CooterBrown

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    Arkin is a lock for the 53. (That would have been an amazing statement a month ago.) For what it is worth, I'm not sure Wilbur makes the team. Selvie has shown more as Ware's backup, and the team keeps signing other defensive ends. That may be just due diligence, but it may be that they are still not satisfied with that position.
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    Running backs (4)
    DeMarco Murray
    BACKUPS Lance Dunbar, Joseph Randle, Phillip Tanner

    STARTERS Barry Church, Will Allen
    BACKUPS J.J. Wilcox, Matt Johnson, Eric Frampton Doesn't "show me the way" and unfortunately doesn't make it.
    Mccray makes it for ST and experience level

  13. sadams

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    me neither.

    If that happens, Tanner stays :)
  14. CowboysFaninDC

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    Not sure if we keep tanney on the roster, but probably PS and if anyone is planning to sign him, then we can promote him to the team and cut somebody.

    tanney is a developmental player who at this point is not ready to be a backup. so which team would pick him up? most teams want a reliable back up and some teams not all keep 3 QBs. how many of those teams would want tanney. I think this is a case of over rating our players. he is far far from being ready to even be a back up.

    I think Armstrong makes the team.

  15. erod

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    Tanney's only shot is to beat out Orton outright, and I don't see that happening.

    No one will claim Tanney, so he should be easy to get on the practice squad.
  16. Staubacher

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    I wish we could keep Tanner, Tanney and Armstrong on the 53 but it's not a perfect world. Only one stays and due to Dunbar's injury and Murray's fragility I think Tanner stays
  17. MichaelWinicki

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    Count me in as one of the folks who doesn't see Tanney being added to the final 53.
  18. Idgit

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    I don't agree with that. Tanney's got no shot to beat out Orton this season.

    On the other hand, I'm not sure why people think nobody would claim the guy. Stringing together that many completions in a row, while playing that effectively, is going to get a QB noticed in this league. Most teams aren't in our position with two QB spots locked up. If you have no QB to begin with, you're going to keep three on your roster, and, if you don't love your developmental guy, you churn that spot until you find somebody with potential.

    I'm not man-crushing on Tanney, but he's already shown a lot more than I ever saw in Stephen McGee. If it's me, now that he's on tape (ie, you're not going to be able to slide him anywhere), I put him in starting in the late second quarter the next two games and see how he plays with a little more consistent protection and with better skill personnel. I'm not worried about the stuff like the staring down his WRs. That'll get sorted with more playing time. I'm looking to see how his decision making goes and how accurately he's able to throw the ball.
    Right now, he's passed the hurdle for me as to whether or not he's worth a spot on an NFL roster. If he keeps playing at the same level he's playing at now, he is. The question is, do we have room for him on ours? We'd make space for him if we don't have a screaming need at a couple other positions. I don't think we cut him to carry an extra RB or WR.
  19. Zimmy Lives

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    We shall see if you are correct. And don't forget Stephens has shown promise as well and could push for a roster spot.
  20. DBOY3141

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    I don't Hamilton makes it to the PS. I thought I read a couple of teams were really after him after the draft.
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