Give Taylor his due

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by L-O-Jete, Sep 18, 2006.

  1. L-O-Jete

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    I always thought Skins fans overhyped S. Taylor, but he's definitly a playmaker, not as big a playmaker as RW, though...:D

    Oh! Did I mention he's also Crayton's own personal *****!:lmao: I can see Taylor having recurring nightmares :eek: with crayton catching a game winning TD in front of him.:lmao2:
  2. fanfromvirginia

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    He's a very good hitter obviously. When he isn't drawing thug penalties, he's a damn good player overall. His coverage, though, is heavy on the hitting and light on coverage. That was apparent on the Crayton catch.
  3. Boyzmamacita

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    I hope Crayton continues to own Taylor. I wish Crayton played every game the way he does against the Redskins.
  4. Sam I Am

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    Taylo is a very good player that does make a lot of plays. Problem is, he makes stupid plays and he isn't as dominate in coverage as some people think. He has good timing to make a hit when someone is catching the ball, but he if isnt lined up. He isn't always effective.
  5. dargonking999

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    How about i dont. Taylor Can hit people real hard, but then always falling on the ground, as PLayers are catching passes behind them for TD's (Glenn Crayton)

    Taylor gets burned on a routine basis, when he steps up and actaully does more than just hit people, then we can talk, because for a FS, he sure is always out of position, late, or just plain getting his azz tore up.

    Taylor needs to stick to attemtping to beat up people for stealing his cars.

    EMMITTnROY Well-Known Member

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    i agree with this assessment.. he is good, but Roy is GREAT..

    1. Roy
    2. Reed
    3. Dawkins
    4. Polamolu
    5. Taylor
  7. Crown Royal

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    Taylor is a very good player. I think we are underrating his coverage - the guy can cover, he just isn't exceptional at it. The Crayton TD was a good catch, and good route...not a lot Taylor could do. And he was stuck trying to watch both TO and Glenn on the second TD...he is gonna have to let one of them go....luckily Bledsoe found him. At this point, he is about where Roy was 2 years ago.

    That being said, he makes bonehead plays and get's out of position a lot. He should have been called for a late hit on Glenn. Sometimes he over pursues. He is emotionally out of control on the field. He will not take the next step if he doesn't learn some discipline.
  8. JohnsKey19

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    Good points. It's very difficult to stay close to TO 20-25 yds down the field and still have the body control to deliver a jarring hit. The guy is extremely talented. But as you said, the lack of discipline at times kills his team.
  9. stag hunter

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    I guess you are forgetting the critical pass Crayton dropped after getting drilled by Taylor on the possible game winning drive last year in the first game. I'd say Taylor exacted his revenge... and blaming Taylor for Crayton's TD catch last night just because he was the closest defender shows a poor understanding of the game, there wasn't really anything he could do about that route or that pass
  10. Yakuza Rich

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    I'll give Taylor his due. He gave up 2 TD passes last night. That was great.

  11. Yakuza Rich

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    He was covering Crayton. He only gave up a short pass which was a TD, but when Newman gave up short TD passes on 1st and goal to Randy Moss in 2004, he not only got blamed for the TD's, but was then considered a bust.

    Taylor gave up not one, but 2 TD's. In the TD pass to Glenn, Taylor's responsibility was the deep zone on Glenn with Lemar Marshall having the more shallow zone. Once Glenn got past Marshall, it was Taylor's responsibility to cover Glenn.

  12. needforspeed

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    so, if taylor isn't to blame for the crayton td, then roy is absolved for the moss td? right?
  13. Jarv

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    Hey, I don't think he spit on anyone or pulled a gun out last night, so yeah, I'll give him that ! I don't recall any penalties either...

    So good job Taylor !!
  14. TEK2000

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    Come on now.. don't flip flop his double standard like that. You're just trying to throw him off with logic!

  15. needforspeed

    needforspeed Legend in my spare time

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    curses! foiled again.:bang2:
  16. dallasfan31

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    taylor a very good player a stud hands down.
  17. Derinyar

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    Taylor could be a great player. Right now hes probably not too much above average because it seems for each great play he makes he makes a stupid play or two.

    He needs to get his head on straight and then he could well be the best saftey in the league. I wouldn't want to bet on that occuring though.
  18. ravidubey

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    Uhh, if Crayton starts feeling cocky all he has to do is remember Taylor royally pasting him on MNF last year to prevent Dallas from gaining a key first down.

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