Glenn Beck admits he doesn't check facts.

Discussion in 'Political Zone' started by CowboyMcCoy, Aug 29, 2009.

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    The more anti Beck threads I see,the more I know he is right.
    Hint:the OPs.

    Just so you know....
    The message is spot on.
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    Am the only one who heard him say 'of course I do" ?
    Apparently the author didn't...
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    I have no problem with that if he considers himeself an entertainer the left should have as much of an issue with him as they do will Bill Maher, now Keith Olbermann is in a different boat.
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    Also, if he says anything against the White House, he gets a call. So he may not personally check the facts, but someone does. Just saying.
  7. poke

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    sounds to me like he admits to lying about the story and even apologizes to
    barbara walters for it.

    i now feel shame because i have watched 8 minutes of the view.
  8. CowboyWay

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    Beck doesn't check facts? Now there's a shocker!!!
  9. DaBoys4Life

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    Man there's something seriously wrong with people.
  10. ScipioCowboy

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    I first watched this clip months ago. It may be the most contrived criticism I've ever seen.

    I rarely watch Beck -- in fact, you can probably count on one hand the number of times I've watched his show in its entirety -- but he was obviously doing a bit. Imagine holding Keith Olbermann to a literal interpretation of his Worst Person in the World segment; it's that absurd.
  11. DaBoys4Life

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    :hammer: :hammer: :hammer:
  12. jwhardin

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    Barbara wahwah, asked him if he checked his facts, he said "of course I do". The only thing I saw and heard was two mouths a flapping, not giving him a word in edgewise, with Beck its lying, with Obama, Biden and Pelosi it's misspoke.
  13. poke

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    man i wish i had found this before i spent 8 long minutes watching all of these is a transcript of the video.

    beck does at the end say he checks facts.
    he also admits he mispoke (lied) about who began the exchange but tries downplaying it by saying its what pelosi does.
    amazingly i am still sure people will disagree on what was said or not said.
    oh well

    Glenn Beck had a rather uncomfortable moment on “The View” when confronted by Barbara Walters[IMG] and Whoopi Goldberg. See the video of Glenn Beck on “The View[IMG]” below.​
    The ladies were quite upset over Glenn Beck[IMG] speaking of his encounter with them on the Amtrak train on their way to the White House[IMG] Correspondent’s Association Dinner.​
    The beginning of the interview had Barbara Walters calling out Beck on the Amtrak story. Whoopi Goldberg was obviously pissed, and Joy Behar smiled and Glenn Beck squirmed under pressure. But Elizabeth Hasselbeck actually kept quiet.​
    Whoopi said, “The following Monday, I got this link from somebody, sent to me. Really pissed me off because I would… I don’t want to just say, ‘Glenn Beck, you lied.’ But let’s take a look.”​
    They played video of Beck doing his radio show telling about the Amtrak scenario. Glenn Beck even apologized to Walters.​
    GLENN BECK: Mischaracterization, mischaracterization of you, Ms. Walters. I’m sorry for the bad…​
    Walters said that Beck approached them and that she was very nice and polite to him. Beck agreed.​
    JOY BEHAR: Why did you lie about that?​
    BECK: Why did I lie about that?​
    BEHAR: Yeah, why did you say she came over?​
    BECK: I don’t know. I came over.​
    BEHAR: So you just had a brain fart, or what?​
    BECK: Yeah, I guess so. Yeah.​
    WHOOPI GOLDBERG[IMG]: So Steve Kroft, I wanted to make sure before I brought this up to you. We didn’t reserve our seats. I don’t know… Wait, let me just…​
    BECK: You’re accusing me of lying. Let me tell you what…​
    GOLDBERG: You did lie! What do you mean I’m accusing you?​
    BECK: I’m sorry.​
    GOLDBERG: You sat there and you were a lying sack of dog mess. Come on, Glenn. You lied.​
    BECK: I’m sorry that I…​
    GOLDBERG: You know what, Glenn? Here’s the thing that was true: I was not particularly happy to see you because I watch your show…​
    BECK: You don’t like me.​
    GOLDBERG: No, I don’t like your views. I don’t know you, OK? I don’t like your views, OK? There’s a lot of people that I don’t like whose views that I don’t agree with.​
    BECK: True.​
    GOLDBERG: That’s OK. But for you to make something up like that, and drag… Wait a minute… and drag us in, and put it as though we…​
    BECK: I was told by the Amtrak… and I have other people that were with me.​
    GOLDBERG: That’s not what you said.​
    BECK: I was told by the Amtrak people that those were going to be reserved, and I would be…​
    GOLDBERG: You dragged us into it, and it was a lie.​
    BECK: Excuse me. I would be so excited when I find out who’s sitting there.​
    GOLDBERG: It was a lie.​
    BARBARA WALTERS: Why didn’t you bother, as a reporter, who goes on to check? As it happened, Whoopi and I had a hard time finding seats. We finally did at the end of the car. Steve Kroft…​
    BECK: So you’re saying…​
    WALTERS: Wait. And you saw him come in. There were no seats for Steve. He and his wife were separated. You are an investigative reporter.​
    BECK: NO, I’m not.​
    WALTERS: You’re a reporter.​
    BECK: No, I am not.​
    WALTERS: So you check no facts at all, right?​
    BECK: No, ma’am. I am commentator. I am a commentator. I commentate on life.​
    WALTERS: As a commentator, do you ever check your facts?​
    GOLDBERG: But you were wrong here. And here’s why it pissed me off, here’s why it pissed me off more than anything: Because regardless of that, when I got off that train, and your big man was standing there, I had a good moment with you. And I thought, ‘OK, this is all right.’ When I saw this (referring to the clip) and what went on to it, I thought, ‘Why would you drag me into it?’ But number one, why would you say that she called you over with that voice? ‘Come over here.’ And then say, I mean, it’s there.​
    BECK: Do you, do you not think, that I mean, I mean… did you not think that I knew this was coming? Did you not think I knew this was coming? I have no problem defending… I have no problem…​
    GOLDBERG: I don’t care if you knew what it was. Why did you lie, Glenn? Why did you try to make some stuff up about Barbara and I? That’s what I’m trying to find out.​
    BECK: I’m sorry that I, to use Nancy Pelosi’s words, ‘misspoke’ about being, you calling me over. You did not call me over. I went over….​
    WALTERS: Now, let me just ask you something else, because we did invite you on because you are a very hot talent. And you say you are a commentator, and we all have different points… Bill O’Reilly’s on with us. We don’t agree. We do agree. We love him, etc. But when you say you’re a commentator, you never check any facts that you are giving out to the public?​
    BECK: Ma’am, I will tell you. I will show the people that were with me. I was traveling with three other people.​
    WALTERS: No, I’m talking about in general. I’m talking about moving along.​
    BECK: Of course I do.​
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    poor cowboy he tries so hard.
  15. Cajuncowboy

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    You lied. He said he does check his facts.

    More lies about someone pointing out the inadequacies of the current administration.
  16. zrinkill

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    Benny? Really? What a shock!
  17. Rogah

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    I read the title of this thread and I said to myself "wow... these people are almost as obsessed with Glenn Beck as they are with Sarah Palin..."

    And then I clicked on the thread to see CowboyMcCoy incorporated both of those dastardly figures into his post. Well done..!! :D
  18. CowboyMcCoy

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    That's what I was thinking, too.
  19. vta

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    Seems to me you were thinking he failed to check his facts and wouldn't answer the question, which he did answer.

    Embellishing that inane story about Walters and Whoopie is probably the biggest mistake that clown made, evidenced in that entire segment, which didn't seem to be the topic, based on the lame article with it and the thread title.

    People are stretching way to far to find validation for their politics.

    Really, Walters? Whoopie? Whoopie?!? Beck? This country is a mess and people are so unaware, they continue arguing over losers like this.

  20. Cajuncowboy

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    No it wasn't. Your post title is...

    Glenn Beck admits he doesn't check facts.

    Seems like you don't care too much for facts.

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