GM's Fired today for lack of production 2-7 years, when is our GM going to be fired?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Dec 31, 2012.

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    dont misunderstand me, as an owner, Jerry Jones is super, thats how he won those 3 superbowls, getting what the head coaches needed, and letting them run the team.

    when jerry jones ran the drafts from 95 to 2006 we stunk.

    Now, what 5-6 gms were fired today? Chargers, Bills, Cleveland, and a few others, when is jerry jones going to be held accountable.

    Year in and year out, we have stunk at safety, but nothing done about it. We had a chance to get at least 1 good OG in free agency, yet we underspent on OL and we had no running game.

    Jerry says, I decide the final 53 man roster, I decide who starts in the game.
    So, when is Jerry going to be accountable.

    We had won a game, and Jerry Jones gets in Jay Ratliffs face, ticks off Jay, so Ratliff goes and has season ending surgery, so then we dont have a NT ready to play.

    Jerry Jones goes and gets T O, something that reportedly Parcells didnt want, and then T O splits the team between him and Romo. Jerry goes out and gets pacman, and others.

    Jerry gives away 2 number one draft picks to get Joey Galloway who never works out in Dallas.

    Jerry had a chance to get some real good picks from a team during early 200s but is too greedy and wants more so team backs off. WE could have traded down, got those 2 number 1 picks best I remember, still get Greg Ellis and Randy Moss, who would maybe have helped us get to SB in 98, 99.

    Jerry had a chance to get a number 2 pick for Erik Williams, but wants to much, then Erik is released and we get nothing. Jerry was too greedy for high picks and that number 2 pick could have been used to trade up and get a top player with our number 1 pick that year, and helped this team.

    Jerry and Stephen trade down in one draft 2009 best I remember and trade down and trade down for like 12 players, only 1 player is with the team now, I believe Victor Butler. I could go on and on with jerry jones decisions as GM.

    when is jerry jones going to be held accountable for his GM decisions.
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    It's good to be the have no boss.

    When folks stop buying merchandise and stop going to the games....Jerry will change. Until then continue to expect .500 ball.
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    Nothing you can do, its his team.
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    Absolute power corrupts absolutely.
  5. TheCoolFan

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    We won championships with this guy though!

    Back when cassette tapes were popular, Macauley Culkin had a future in showbiz, and David Koresh - not RG3 - put Waco on the map.
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    He just might get it right this decade!!
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    This is what Jerry should have done but he is ignorant and his ego gets in the way

    Adam Schefter ‏@AdamSchefter Chargers have hired former Packers GM Ron Wolf as a consultant to help on GM and HC searches for next month or two.
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    when he's...

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    He will never be fired. Close thread.

    I think it would be cool if shares of the Dallas Cowboys were sold on the NYSE or NASDAQ and it could be publicly owned by the fans. The fans would then vote for a board of directors who would hire/fire a GM.
  10. Dallas

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    Oh! You guys keep talking about this non story as if it will ever happen. Nothing else to discuss? Nothing? hehehe

  11. perrykemp

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    Raiders hired Wolf last season to help find a GM as well.

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