Goin to the game.

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by TheKey, Oct 26, 2005.

  1. TheKey

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    And I am staying at the official hotel of the Cowboys where they stay. Any chance that they are in the lobby passing through and I will see them? Ive been to Dallas alot but is there anything new to do I need to see.

    PS. If you hear booooos at the game sunday i will not be one of them.
  2. Rack Bauer

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    Ummmm... the game is in Dallas. Why would they be staying at a hotel in Dallas? Wouldn't they be in their OWN homes?
  3. Kilyin

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    They stay at the Marriott for home games, which is 9 miles from Texas Stadium.

    8440 Freeport Parkway
    Irving, TX 75063 USA
    Phone: 1 972-929-8800 Fax: 1 972-929-6501

    Located one mile from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, and 15 miles from downtown Dallas. Our Express Check-In, three restaurants & fully equipped health club set the hotel apart. We are conveniently located just 3 miles from Texas' own Grapevine Mills Mall and BassPro Shops with transportation upon request. Host hotel to the Dallas Cowboys, with Texas Stadium just 9 miles. Arlington Ballpark, home to the Texas Rangers, is just 15 miles and the American Airlines Center in downtown Dallas is just 15 miles away.
  4. Murph80

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    Go behind the hotel before 8:00. The team meets at the hotel for meetings at 8:00 Sat. night. They have a 30-45min meeting and then players are on their own until 11:00. They have to be back at the Hotel by 11:00. It's like a car show. You should see what some of these guys are driving. Most players take time to sign unless they are running late.
  5. dbair1967

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    they always spend the night before home games at the Marriott at DFW

    its kinda cool because fans usually start assembling outside where the players and coaches arrive and its kinda like a mini- pep rally when the players start coming in

  6. dbair1967

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    yep...I'm coming for this weekends game as well...not staying at the Marriott this time, but may show up at the hotel in time to see the players arrive

  7. fweegy

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    I too will be there, it's my annual trip to Big D. Got me tix for the Stars Friday night when my plane lands, A&M tix for that Sat and of course I will be just to the left of the Corral come Sunday morning at 9 AM. Bringing me lots of money to tinkle away at the Pro Shop too, maybe a throwback Witten this year
  8. CrazyCowboy

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    Hope you see a great game like Dallas 45 Cards Zip!
  9. iceberg

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    wow - actually a great thread then - i never realized (like rack) that the cowboys would be at a hotel during a home game.

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