Going for 2, for the win?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Cwat81, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. DFWJC

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    Winning the toss no longer determines the outcome in OT.
    Both teams get their chance

    In fact it crossed my mind-very briefly yesterday-for us to give them the ball first.
    If they score in any way, your team then has four downs instead of three the rest of the way to get the needed 3 or 7 points.
  2. eightysiX

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    I thought only if you scored a field goal, than the opposing team gets a chance. If we had scored a Td i believe we would of won.
  3. xwalker

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    With all of the injuries on defense, I think the probability of making the 2-points might have been better than the probability of winning in OT.
  4. DFWJC

    DFWJC Well-Known Member

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    You are correct
  5. Yuma Cactus

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    No coach in the NFL will gho for 2 in that/those situations. Should have went on 4th down in OT.
  6. Cwat81

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    Why? 2 and 1/2 yds for the win, or 5 yards for opportunity to keep playing?
  7. Dave_in-NC

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  8. sonnyboy

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    I thought they should have gone for two out of extra point formation. I checked the replay of the conversion and sure enough our holder had a walk in two point conversion off right tackle.

    The Saints overloaded the left side for the block, then like I see all the time just stood up at the snap and did nothing.

    In a spot like this we should have a fake option for the holder if he sees the correct look.
  9. KJJ

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    With the OT rules giving both teams the opportunity with the ball barring a first possession TD I would rather take my chances in OT having the game riding on a series of downs than a risky 2-point conversion in regulation.
  10. Yuma Cactus

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    3 yds from 3 yds out is a much more difficult proposition than 5 yds in the middle of the field.
  11. yimyammer

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    I'm embarrassed that never crossed my mind and a little disappointed it didn't cross Garrets mind. They're averaging 67% on 2-point conversions, the coin toss is 50-50 and I suspect their chances of winning drop well below 50% if they lose the toss.

    All in all, it seems like a no brainer given the present teams injury situation.

    Nice post to think about, kudos
  12. Lazyking

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    you don't go for two with the possibility of overtime. With the new rules especially, if you can't force a punt or FG if you don't win the coin toss then you don't deserve to win anyway.

    And yes, we couldn't have gotten eliminated Sunday, but we could have lost our chance to control the division. If the Giants won, we might have screwed ourselves over by going for 2 only to lose.

    If going in, the game meant nothing to anything then sure go for 2.
  13. GusTheo

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    If I'm playing away, I probably go for 2.

    But I'm a fan of the idea of going for 2 on the first TD, kinda like a less calculates risk.
  14. cnhnyy

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    I do not believe any coach would go for two point as the last play of the game when his team is trailing one point.

    BTW, our defense did create a fumble in the OT, only if we had a deep safety to pick up the fumble. Well, it was Jimmy Graham's day. Dude was catching every third down pass and it was fitting that he recovered the fumble too.
  15. HowAboutThemCowboys

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    Redball has made some boneheaded decisions before, but even he would not consider it given the circumstances. Don't make it and the fallout would be pretty bad. It's easy to look back after they lost and second guess it.
  16. yimyammer

    yimyammer Well-Known Member

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    percentage wise, how is going into OT any more of a certainty or a better chance?

    I think the call is very close and and given the way NO had moved the ball on our depleted defense, I think the right call would have been to go for it because you have the added bonus of ending the game right there and I think the odds of them making the 2-point conversion are higher than their chances of winning the toss and then driving down and scoring a TD (the only combo that would end the game without NO offense getting back on the field).

    The fact that coaches cant/don't make decisions like this for fear of fan backlash is ridiculous, I want a coach making decisions exclusive of whatever the dip **** fans think because its been critically analyzed in advance and makes sense given the circumstances at that given time.

    It may be the correct decision to go for the extra point instead of 2-points, but I din't see how it could be by very much, especially given the state of the defense.
  17. AdamJT13

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    It has been attempted in similar situations six times since 2000 -- three teams succeeded, and three failed.

    The last time was last season, when the Texans went for two against Tennessee and failed.
  18. RastaRocket

    RastaRocket Sanka, Ya Dead Mon? Ya Mon.

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    I disagree. Dez is a monster but the fade is one of the throws I have less confidence in Romo to make. We don't seem to do that great on fades.
  19. links18

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    Gruden's done it before. Bucs beat the 'Skins on a last second two-point conversion.
  20. M'Kevon

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    If the NY-Baltimore game had played first, and Dallas knew the outcome of the game was irrelevant, then go for two, just to avoid the OT.

    At least that would be my thinking.

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