Golden Tate - 4.36 Jordan Shipley - 4.57

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by AustnIsMySaviour, Feb 28, 2010.

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    C2...could be that he pulled some 4.3s at his Pro Day. I had only looked up his combine time of 4.45....which is not really too shabby anyway. We know he's faster than that on the field anyway.
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    Hey guys if things work out we can get Earl Thomas, Jordan Shipley and Colt McCoy in the draft.:rolleyes:
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    might as well get Kindle in round 4..assuming things work out of course
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    Where did you come up with that math? It is a difference of 0.45 yards over 40 yards. To get a 3 yard difference over 40 yards one guy would have to run about a 4.8 compared to the other guy running a 4.45. Or about a 4.1 compared to a 4.45.

    I knew Shipley would not post a fast 40 time. I saw some guys saying he would possibly be in the 4.3s. Most said it would be about 4.4. Quan Cosby posted good 40 times and I knew Shipley was not as fast as Cosby.

    I like Shipley and still think he would bring good value in the 4th or 5th round and I still think he will be available then.
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    he's faster than Jerry Rice.
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    4.36? I don't get it. Which scout timed him there? The Combine site has him officially at 4.44. AFA I'm concerned, until it's official, it aint so.

    Having said that, I flat out love Tate! He's a smaller version of Austin. Tough, great route runner, better hands, & gets super YACs.

    No way the 'Boys can take any other position at #27 except OT. Should have been the case last draft, with both Will Beatty & Sebastian Volmer sitting there in the 2nd rd. Well, Flo's a year older & definitely a lot slower. Free showed against the Vikings that he's a good RT, that's it. We can't go into next season with a hole at way!

    Bruce Campbell tore it up at the Combine. 4.84 in the 40, with 34 reps in the bench press! Dude is fast AND strong. I know he's raw, but what a talent. Dude has grown to 6-6 & 315 lbs. & it's all muscle! Hook him up with Houck, and he's our starting LT for the next 10 years. A quality LT is just below franchise QB in building a Super Bowl contender. Romo can't do anything on his back. Again, recall the Vikings game.
  7. Cover 2

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    So basically you want Campbell because he's a physical freak even though he didn't produce? He reminds me a lot of Vernon Gholston to be honest.
  8. the_h0wey

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    Nah Gholston plays Linebacker..
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    I'm afraid my favorite WR sleeper isn't going to be a sleeper much longer. Emmanuel Sanders was a production machine at SMU, had a great East West Shrine week and just tested through the roof at the Combine. If you've ever watched him in college, you know this guy is just explosive (2nd best 40 time, 39 inch vert) and can cut on a dime (3rd best short shuttle time out of all WRs, 2nd best 3 cone drill). He's a natural WR too, catching 1200 yards last year. Very much a Greg Jennings/Eddie Royal clone. How this guy was being ignored up this point is mind boggling. I can honestly say I would probably take him over any WR not named Dez Bryant or Gilyard.
  10. Bob Sacamano

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    Doesn't he have some character issues?
  11. InmanRoshi

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    If they were they had to have been minor and earlier in his career. I know people close to the SMU program and they say he was the unquestionable senior leader and the heart and soul of that team.
  12. Cover 2

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  13. Bob Sacamano

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    This is all I could find:
    Intangibles: Earned his place as a team leader in 2009, getting his teammates to work harder so they could go bowling this season. Suspended for the last two games of 2008 for three minor academic and football violations. That's not a major character issue; in fact, it probably pushed him to be better.

    Apparently minor. I wonder what's keeping him ranked so low?
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    i hope your source isnt AustnIsMySavior
  15. InmanRoshi

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    Just slipped through the cracks. He said during an interview at the East/West Shrine game that a Panthers scout told him they didn't know anything about him until the practices. How a Div I player with a 98 catch/1300 yard season is unknown by scouts in beyond me.

    He played inside WR in the spread offense, like Wes Welker at Texas Tech, so he'll be strictly a slot WR in the NFL ... at least at the outset, until he learns the nuances of playing outside. Which is fine by me. Any WR drafted by the Cowboys not named Dez Bryant is only going to be a 3rd WR/slot for his first few years here. Emmanuel has the experience, route running ability and physical skillset to step in and do it on Day 1.
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    one thing to remember about Campbell. He did not get ONE vote for the all conference team.
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    Shipley is a good football player who runs faster than his combine numbers when in full pads.

    But again that doesn't matter because he is older (24 and a half by draft time) and has had injuries. He's a r4 prospect at best. Again, he should offer solid return for a team in that initial 5 year contract but pretty much be done after that.

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