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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Goldenrichards83, Dec 7, 2007.

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    Thats just what I said, we will draft one rather it be 3rd rd or 5th. Look I wanted Carpenter in the draft and I can't tell you what happen to him since the Seattle game where he looked like the second coming of Mike Vrabel. However since then we have had a defensive specialist added to our team(Wade Phillips) and our 1st rd pick play has decline so much that he is only seen on special teams. Our starting inside lber who is sixth on the team in tackles is the guy who is keeping this athletic beast you speak of on the bench? He doesn't even come in the game to give these guys a blow here and there but I am irrational? I hope I am wrong but it not looking like I am. I am not for piling on my players so don't take this as a Carp bashing but lets be real here. Anyone that isn't disappointed in his overall play since he has been drafted isn't paying attention. Like I said I hope I am wrong I absolutely loved the guys potential when we drafted him but he seems to have lost some confidence. Lineman are getting on him and he isn't getting them off that's why he isn't playing much.
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    No, your statement was irrational because not subbing him for Ayodele more often does not mean he's not athletic. There's no reason to jump that conclusion. There are other reasons why he's not being subbed for Ayodele.

    Also, we don't sub our Base 3-4 ILBs because they get plenty of rest when we go to Dime packages. Neither Ayodele nor James plays in those packages, so obviously there's no reason to sub for them out of the base 3-4.
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    My point is if the coaches thought like you do that he is so athletic he would forced them to get him on the field in some capacity. Spencer doesn't have a problem getting in even though Ellis is back because he forces the coaches to get him in there in some capacity. Carpenter does not. In preseason he had a chance to push for playing time but was outplayed by Ayodele and Spencer. Wade made a comment saying he wasn't a good pass rusher so he moved him inside. Now he struggles inside because he can't get off blocks. I think you are overatting his athletic ability. Maybe he will be the player that ww want him to be but he isn't that now. I believe in the 3yr rule so I won't call him a bust but by next year if he is where he is now, thats just what he will be.
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    despit all this, he probably won't be able to beat any of the above mentioned players out, and we'll have to carry 5 ILB. I think the team will wait till 09', when Burnett leaves via FA to draft another LB.
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    Wow that would be great I hope it falls that way...

    we need a ILB... and wheeler has the wheels to cover some ground

    I like the first 2 picks of Cason & Jones....but if I had my ruthers I would rather pick another CB or a 3-4 DE in the 2nd... I just don't see a need for a WR with so many possibilities of picking up an adequate veteran...unless of course they think the guy is gonna be very special than of course it would be foolish not to draft him
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    Like I said we need another cover lber to complete this defense. Watching todays game it was obvious.

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