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Good Afternoon from Winnipeg MB Canada

Discussion in 'New Members Zone' started by WinnipegBoy22, Jan 25, 2014.

  1. WinnipegBoy22

    WinnipegBoy22 Member

    82 Messages
    66 Likes Received
    Just checkin in to say Hi and start in on the fun. I'm from Winnipeg(home of the Blue Bombers CFL football). Started liking the Cowboys in 1976 when i moved back to Canada from Germany. Hot to post some of my wallpapers in the artwork section for all to use.
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  2. jobberone

    jobberone Kane Ala Staff Member

    48,410 Messages
    10,716 Likes Received
    Great. My buddy here needs a better guitar.
  3. justbob

    justbob Just taking it easy

    7,640 Messages
    835 Likes Received
    You are now responsible for keeping the gate closed so the cold air can't come south...Keep it closed and you will have a pleasant stay....
  4. WinnipegBoy22

    WinnipegBoy22 Member

    82 Messages
    66 Likes Received
    I'll do my best and i wouldn't subject anyone to this Winter's weather.
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  5. The Dark Bishop

    The Dark Bishop Well-Known Member

    468 Messages
    686 Likes Received
    Nice to see some Cowboy fans from the far north.

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