Good book on running an NFL team called The War Room

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by mmillman, Feb 5, 2013.

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    Are you serious? Do you even realize what you are saying, burm?

    Patriots: Last 10 Seasons
    • 2003: 14-2: Super Bowl Champion
    • 2004: 14-2: Super Bowl Champion
    • 2005: 10-6: Divisional Loss
    • 2006: 12-4: Conference Championship Loss
    • 2007: 16-0: AFC Champion
    • 2008: 11-5: Rare 11-win team to not make the playoffs
    • 2009: 10-6: Wildcard Loss
    • 2010: 14-2: Divisional Loss
    • 2011: 13-3: AFC Champion
    • 2012: 12-4: Conference Champion Loss

    Let me get this straight.

    Over a ten year span you would take:
    • "Being Close"
    • 2 Superbowls Championships
    • 2-3 Losing Seasons, Leaving 5 Seasons Of Playoff Appearances


    The Patriots Last 10 Years:
    • Won 2 Superbowls
    • Played In 4 Additional AFC Championship Games
    • Played In 2 Additional Superbowls
    • ZERO Losing Seasons

    Do you not see how ridiculous this is? Come on, man. I know you're not that hardheaded. You can hate the Pats all you want but your argument here is completely ridiculous.

    You're establishing a 10 year period to measure while only giving the Patriots credit for their last 8 years. Furthermore you are clearly only doing it because if you actually gave them credit for those 2 additional years, you would completely crap on your preferred 10-year hypothetical.

    They have been better than your 10 year preference but you are willfully ignoring the fact that they got their Superbowl wins at what would be the beginning of their run. You can't reasonably cut out those first two years just to make your argument stronger. Winning 2 Superbowls in 10 years at the front of the decade under examination and winning 2 Superbowls in 10 years at the end of the decade under examination are the same. You won 2 Superbowls in 10 years.

    Burm, this is easily one of the most cherry-picked and distorted depictions of reality that I have ever seen on this board. I don't mean that to insult and I am certainly not exaggerating. It's pretty clear you've late your hate cloud your judgement.
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    Ernie Accorsi wrote a book also and its worth the read.
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    Given that Tom Brady will be 36 next year, I suppose we'll find out pretty soon. Pioli certainly was a miserable failure with "the blueprint" without Brady.
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    Comparing them to Dallas, I would say that I would rather have a shot every year instead of all these years with one playoff win. I have a great amount of respect for them keeping a quality team on the field year after year. That is something that very few teams have been able to do. Some other teams may compare to them, but the Cowboys are not even close. Dallas doesn't have a couple of rings to show for the last 17or so years. They are just a well run team that I can't stand, but I do respect. They are much like the Cowboys of the 70s.
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    You stated my argument so much better than me.:laugh2:
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    The brilliance of the Patriots is that they use their success to their advantage.

    I've gone over it a million times....

    Since 1999, only 47% of the diviison winners have returned to the playoffs the following year.

    In fact, from 1999 to 2011, the most that ever returned to the playoffs was 5. That was the 2003 division winners returning to the 2004 playoffs. 2012 was unusual in that of the 2011 division winners returned to the playoffs this season (New England, Baltimore, Denver, Houston, Green Bay and San Francisco).

    So we see parity in full effect as if a team wins the division, they are more likely to MISS the playoffs the following year than they are to MAKE the playoffs again.

    And generally, it affects every QB not named Peyton Manning or Tom Brady.

    But what the Pats do is that they don't rest on their laurels with their roster even when they are having great success, particularly when they were cheating.

    Instead, they got rid of over priced players, stockpiled picks, traded away players that were overrated because there's a myth in 'The Patriot Way.' And they have not been afraid to change schemes on offense and defense.

    Too many teams, the Cowboys included, will rest on their success. Some part of it is 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it.' Other part is just not having the foresight to understand that you're a real target for parity when you're on top.

    What's funny is that I know many Patriots fans that outright criticize their drafting as of late. Including Bill Simmons, who has written how poor the Patriots have drafted outside of the 2012 class. And even in Tom Brady's draft class, he was the only player that did anything in the league.

    For me, I'm far more interested in the Packers' process and as of late, what the Seahawks are doing to take somebody like a Richard Sherman and turn him from WR to CB and make him one of the best CB's in the game.

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    Jerry won't read it. It's not a pop up book.
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    I was thinking about this the other day ..... If the Patriots really are who everyone makes them out to be, they should trade Brady for 3 first round picks and 3 second round picks to some really bad team since he is 36 and already starting to show his mortality.

    If The Hoodie is the coach that everyone thinks he is he will start his dynasty all over again, and Mallett will turn out to be the next Tom Brady, and all of a sudden, they have room created by jettisoning Brady to acquire more free agents to make the team even better.

    Then again, if Brady is the only reason this machine has run so well, for so long, the Pats will hold on to Brady until he has no useful life left and he has no trade value, just like we did with every one of the Triplets.
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    Interesting and insightful post. Good job.
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    Maybe their system takes a little bit of both and one without the other isn't as good as they are together.
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    Rarely do great teams and organizations replicate success.

    They fracture and split apart. Just as Jones has been miserable without Johnson, Ackles, Wooten and Mansperger, just as Johnson struggled without his staff like Turner and Wannstedt, just like Bill Parcells was not the same without Belichick.

    That book was just as much about the way the talent evaluation team in Cleveland functioned and grew just as much as it is about the Patriots and specifically Belichick.

    Ozzie Newsome stayed behind in Cleveland, which became Baltimore and we all know how he has done. Thomas Dimitroff appears to be on the same track.

    All anyone has to do is look beyond "Spygate" and see exactly what that model has accomplished over the years since. And if anyone thinks the Cowboys organization the way it is run right now even comes close to it, they have checked their brain at the door.
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    Excellent post. Not sure what he was thinking other than having some blind hate.

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