Good Eats near Stadium?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by pupulehaole, Oct 23, 2012.

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    It is not authentic and someone will say there is better (probably), but go to Fuzzy's tacos off Randol Mill. Good fish tacos, cheap beer and just a good atmosphere.

    Twisted Root burgers are good. As is Babe's chicken. All three are int eh same viscinity.

    I'd suggest going to flying fish but being that you live from hawaii, gulf-coast style seafood may not be for you. :D

    Ok typing this out I miss home. Stupid canada.
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    post #26 has a map showing you the area with these places, south and a little west of the Stadium,
    and I agree those are all good places.
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    I guess Fuzzys is a pretty big chain...but yeah I like there tacos. They just opened one in my area. I'm ready to make something for gameday.

    But the guy that recommended breakfast tacos from the shell station may not be lying..
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    If we're talking CLOSE to the stadium, Humperdinks is the best place to eat. It's also a micro-brewery as well. They literally have the best spinach/artichoke dip I've ever had in my life.
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    I can't wait! Might have to stay an extra day or two just to eat at a bunch of these places!
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    I've had there's, and olive gardens, its all pretty much the same.

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