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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by CATCH17, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. CATCH17

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    Do you listen to any?

    Im looking for some good podcasts to kill some time.
  2. BrAinPaiNt

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    Adam Carolla
    You can get the free Adam Carolla App from itunes and it has his main pod cast plus the ones he does for home improvement and cars. Also Penn Jilletes (sp?) podcast is on there although he only does one every so often. Also have Larry Miller podcast and a couple of other stuff that I doubt you would want to listen to (his wife and her friends do a pod cast, his father does one).

    Otherwise I use tune in radio (I say that as I don't know what app you use, I don't download the individual podcast from Itune, I just connnet using the apps).

    SModcast with Kevin Smith (guy who did the Clerks and other movies)
    Fitzdog Radio - pretty funny one but normally short
    Harland Highway - mostly miss but occasionally is funny.
  3. Duane

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    I like Joe Rogan because he has a lot of guests I find interesting.

    I also enjoy GiantBomb's bombcast for gaming discussion. Chris Hardwick's nerdist is also fun to listen to.
  4. tecolote

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    BS Report with Bill Simmons, he does one with Cousin Sal, who is a big Cowboys fan, every monday recapping sunday's games and guessing next weeks lines.

    Dan Carlin's hardcore history. If you like history this is awesome.

    Stuff you should know.

    If you play fantasy football get Fantasy Focus from ESPN.

    Real Time with Bill Maher.

    Carolla is great also.

    Talking Cowboys with Mickey and Brian Broaddus.
  5. masomenos

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    Dan Carlin's Hardcore History
    99% Invisible
    This American Life
    TED Radio Hour
  6. Questfor6

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    Rich Eisen is another good one as well, you should try to find the one he did a few months ago with the Triplets it was awesome.
  7. yimyammer

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    Highly recommend, especially the multi-part podcast called Ghosts of the Ostfront. It's a fascinating account of the battle on the Eastern front between Germany and Russia. The things those soldiers had to endure is mind boggling
  8. stasheroo

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    Speaking of 'highly recommend', for movie fans, as my sig line indicates, I highly recommend the Now Playing Podcast movie review show.

    Tons of movie series retrospectives that should appeal to a wide range of film fans.

    It really helps me get through my workday.

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