Goodell Wants To Eliminate Kickoffs - Floats Novel Idea

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by houstonwhodat, Dec 6, 2012.

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    Really? When I was watching some Emmit highlights the other night it was really obvious the changes in leg padding. Now there are guys just wearing pants (or shorts really) that that stop at the lower thigh and not even knee pads at all and some looked not to be wearing thigh pads either. Was wondering what the rules were on this.
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    I think one of the things that is being overlooked in the haste to eliminate the big, attention getting hits is the cumulative effects of smaller, repeated hits that occur every down.

    The NFL focuses on the huge hits but compared to the constant ramming on the line, they happen so infrequently.

    Honestly, you get maybe a couple possible de-cleaters a game where the defender pulls up.

    How mant times since Desean Jackson got absolutely destroyed by Dunta Robinson has he been hit like that again?

    I don't follow enough Eagles football to know but I can't remember single other time since 2010. Is that because they're enforcing the rules more? Probably but the emphasis on it right now makes it seem like guys are getting carted off every single game of every week.
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    Im sorry players get hurt in the game but that is why they make multimillion of dollars a year.violence is a BIG part of the game. Changing one of the fundamental parts of a game like kickoffs is rediculous.

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    I really hate the way the commissioner and the league have taken to changing rules every year as if it shows that they are doing something. The game was great in the 70s, why keep screwing around with it? Many of these rules are under the guise of player safety but the league then uses clips of big hits as a way to market itself.

    Ultimately, the owners could care less about player safety, they are interested in protecting their investments. The bottom line is the bottom line.

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    No, it's dying because the fight game is too contrived. Fighters are no longer forced to fight each other. You have too many bodies supporting different champions. There are many reasons why Boxing is in decline but they are all related to changing a the product that was a success.

    Now you have MMA which allows more fights between contenders, it's more violent and it's more appealing because of this.

    You think violence isn't a big part of Boxing, MMA or Football? Your kidding yourself. You take this out of football and you are going to lose fans.
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    I think his argument was, you can not do anything for the O and D lines, but you could limit the amount of bigger hits, since zone you occupy spaces.
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    Open your mind.
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    How many have "crippling neurological disorders" when they get out of football, 1%? Most of the ones that do stayed way past their prime, its much easier for an old man to get hurt than a young man.

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