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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Duane, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Duane

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    Anyone else order a Nexus 4?

    My contract with Verizon is up in January so I'm going to try the Nexus 4 and a prepaid plan like Straight Talk or the T-Mobile $30 Monthly 4G plan. The only hesitation I had was over the coverage but the T-mobile maps show my work and home locations both have solid reception.
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    It is sold out so I am waiting to buy one. I moved to Tmobile value plan waiting on my sim cards will get them here today or tomorrow. I bought my own phones no subside, I am the only one that uses data my wife and son will only use voice and text. I got them cheap unlocked touch screen phones to use and I bought a used HTC My Touch 4 to hold me over until the $350 goggle phones become available. I will probably by one in the spring or summer.

    Tmobile uses HPSA 21 & 42 so the new phone will get 42 speed which is 4G.

    So while the commercial brag about LTE coverage. Verzion is expensive they have a hybrid LTE network at this time. LTE burns thru the battery in nothing flat. With their one size plan that does not fit all it would jack my cellphone bill up 40% even with a 22% discount.

    Instead I bailed on Verzion and will get a 10% discount on tmobile and knock my cellphone bill with 3 lines down to about $63 a month.

    I will deal with whatever coverage issues come my way at this point. Hell of late when i have traveled in Scouts my verizon has sucked. If I am in a big city I am golden if I am in the middle of Nowhere Colorado, Arkansas and remote locations in Texas (ex. Bandera) I get crap coverage.
  3. Duane

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    That's a great deal on three phone lines.

    The Nexus 4 is still sold out but they said 4 - 5 weeks on delivery so that puts it right when my Verizon commitment will end.
  4. Chocolate Lab

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    Any other thoughts on T-Mobile the carrier? I've been thinking of switching to them, too. Been a long time Sprint user but I think I want to try one of the new Windows Phones, and T-Mobile has them plus pretty cheap plans as well (I think).
  5. Yeagermeister

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    Unless the newer ones have improved stay away from windows phones. I have one for work I would rather have an iphone if that tells you anything. :D
  6. JBond

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    I love my T-Mobile service. LTE is hype and kills your battery faster than anything else. I average around 12mb down and 1.8mb up. Fast enough for me. I get reception out in the boonies (like Lake of the Ozarks) where other phones from Sprint and Verizon have none.

    PS. I anyone wants to buy a LG G2X for tmobile let me know. $50
  7. Sam I Am

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    LTE is not hype. A good LTE connection is faster than WiFi. It does on the other hand, drain your battery pretty quickly.

    I just disable LTE and only use G3 until I'm doing video or something. Then I just enabled LTE and watch a video. :)

    btw, I've had both T-Mobile's G4 (not G4!) and LTE. T-Mobile's G4 service is terribly slow when compared to LTE.
  8. SaltwaterServr

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    Going to piggyback on your LTE comments.

    LTE is blazing fast. Beats a good WiFi connection any day of the week, and a strong LTE connection is as good as cable ethernet so long as you don't have your battery choked down to save it.
  9. JBond

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    Nerd fight!

    Obviously 42HSPA is not the same as a well implemented LTE system, but don't act like T-Mobile is slow. Good grief, it's not Sprint. Last time I was in NY I was able to hit 22mb a sec download speeds. Plus you don't have to change settings to get great battery life and actually use the Internet.
  10. masomenos

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    I get about 40-down/15-up on Verizon's LTE network and since I live in an area with excellent signal strength pretty much everywhere there isn't much of a hit to battery life.

    HSPA+ can definitely be the better option for some people though.
  11. the kid 05

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