Goose - "I'd be surprised if the Cowboys DON'T go DL"

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by marchetta, Feb 28, 2012.

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    Well I guess that is where we are a lil different. Although I always want BPA, the higher up the draft you are drafting, the more you have to take need into account.

    If I'm drafting in the 5th round, I would go with BPA regardless of need cause you are just trying to pick talent that could stick to the roster at that point on talent alone. But in the first round, the needs of the team also need to be taken into account, which makes who we already have on the team along with who we get in free agency more important.

    We won't draft a Tannehill in the first round even if he is BPA, cause of our non-need of a QB. Now if Luck or RG3 were available at 14 (yeah right), then BPA would take over cause he is just too much talent to avoid. Later in the draft we could go a BPA and draft a QB alot easier. This is an extreme case, but the point is needs are still at least a portion of the equation that early in the draft.
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    You don't think guard is a need ?
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    Never said it wasn't a need right now, of course it is.

    Like I have said, if we do pick up a guard in free agency, then it is definitely less of a need and we can fill holes in other areas early in the draft.

    That is why I will wait til after free agency before I start eliminating guys from the discussion.
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    1. A fair amount of all or nothing thinking in this thread
    2. Decastro is a very good prospect and low risk. Statistically he has a very good chance of being a good player for a long time.
    3. There is no need to be near perfect. IOWs you don't have to have a dominating perennial allpro at G to do well. You need a G who pass protects very well and run blocks well. In Garrett's system he needs to be mobile and be able to block in space and get out there quickly. An athlete.
    4. Typically the drop off in talent at G is not precipitous. You can get really good guards that can do the job well out of the first.
    5. DL, DBs, and pass rushers are harder to get therefore you have to be quick to get the lower risk ones. They are generally higher risk than OL but higher reward. And of course you can hit with any position anywhere including UDFAs but the risks go up the lower you pick in general.
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    Not at all. The difference between a pro bowl guard and an average guard isn't that big of a deal. Neither is a game changer. Unlike a pro bowl defensive lineman.
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    FA for defense (pass rusher & CB) and interior OL through draft is more cost effective??

    Pass rusher and CBs are much more costly in FA than interior OL. Drafting the young pass rusher/CB is much more economical, short or long run.
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    Doesn't that mean the difference between a Pro Bowl DL and a good DL is pretty significant and thereby harder to get a Pro Bowl quality DL, increasing the risk that you pick a JAG or a flat out bust?

    What if the odds of getting a Pro Bowl player are just as good as the odds of picking a guy who plays 6 or fewer years and falls out of the league?

    What if you have about a 1/10 chance of picking an All Pro DL and about a 3/7 chance of picking an All Pro G by using a 1st round pick?

    How many DL are projected to go before #14?



    Maybe Poe now with his ridiculously overhyped combine workout?

    So Dallas gets 4th or 5th best pick in the draft at DL where about 1/4th are good and 1/4th are not?
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    What kills me about Poe is that Wes Bunting said that Poe was not a first round talent based on game film. You know, that thing they are ACTUALLY paid to do, play football. So it's tough to get excited about a guy, that without winning the underwear games, isn't considered a first round talent. I'm not saying he is going to be a bust, but everyone thinks that DeCastro is a sure thing lock to be a pro bowler. So we have the opportunity to get a pro bowl guard, a position we are desperately in need of, for about $2.5 mil a year for four years.

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