Goose talks NFC East on DFW Sportsbeat - 7/24/08

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by dcfanatic, Jul 25, 2008.

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    At least he also believes the Cowboys are the best team in the NFC & one of the 3 best in the NFL. Now it's up to the Cowboys to show how good they really are by stepping up and producing at a very high level throught not only the entire season but also into January & then into February. Frankly, I really do believe the Cowboys match up well against the Colts and can beat them, but we've also got to have improved defensive/secondary play to beat the Pats or the Chargers & even the Jags if either of those team end up in the SB for the AFC.
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    Noticed he also said the Eagles were a playoff team and that any team in the division could win the division. Wow. I like to give people respect but I didn't think the Skins could win the division. Playoffs yeah but not division winners. Guess I better take a harder look. Goose is better at drafts than other predictions but he's often right about things.

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