GOP's "Alternative" Budget

Discussion in 'Political Zone' started by SuspectCorner, Mar 26, 2009.

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    Just when you think the GOP is stale, feeble, and all out of ideas - they are.

    House GOP offers alternative budget, with details to come

    By David Lightman | McClatchy Newspapers - 03/26/2009

    WASHINGTON — Republicans in the House of Representatives answered President Barack Obama's challenge for a GOP alternative budget on Thursday by producing their own plan — but the document contained virtually no specifics on spending, taxes or deficit reduction.

    Instead, the glossy 18-page book, "The Republican Road to Recovery," was largely a harangue against Democratic policies and a series of statements of long-held Republican principles. House Republican Leader John Boehner of Ohio promised details next week.

    Obama at his Tuesday news conference had criticized Republicans, saying "we haven't seen an alternative budget out of them."

    "Here it is, Mr. President," Boehner declared on Thursday.

    Asked if the Republican plan would cut the deficit in half in five years, as Obama proposes, Boehner said, "It'll be better."

    The House and Senate expect to vote next week on fiscal 2010 budgets, and separate votes are expected on Republican alternatives.

    Since Democrats have comfortable majorities in both houses of Congress, and such budget debates are tightly controlled, the bills they've written are expected to pass easily.

    Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., the top Republican on the House Budget Committee, set the tone for the Republican effort, calling the Democratic plan "so reckless, so irresponsible . . . a gusher of new spending followed by a gusher of new borrowing we cannot sustain."

    Democrats would spend about $3.55 trillion next year. Obama wanted a 10.1 percent boost in nondefense discretionary spending, which includes most domestic programs. The House Democrats' version would pare that to 9.5 percent, while the Senate's would cut it to 7 percent.

    Most of Obama's key initiatives, such as health care, climate change, and his "making work pay" tax credit, will be considered later this year. The House and Senate Democratic budgets require that their costs be covered by tax increases or offsetting cuts in spending elsewhere.

    Democrats scoffed at the GOP plan.

    "It's like being in the era of the Bush administration all over again," said Rep. John Spratt, D-S.C., the House Budget Committee chairman.

    The GOP plan methodically takes the Democratic bill apart. On health care, it complains that "Democrats propose to finance nationalized health care," and says a better solution would be allowing people to shop across state lines for insurance policies.

    On spending, the Republican plan lists specific objections to Democrats' plans, but proposes only that the GOP would "cut overall nondefense spending by reforming or eliminating a host of wasteful programs deemed ineffective by various government entities."

    Taxes would be lower, the Republicans promise, in a "simple and fair tax code" with a 10 percent tax rate for incomes up to $100,000 and 25 percent thereafter, as well as "a generous standard deduction and personal exemption."

    However, Republicans also would "allow any individual or family satisfied with their current tax structure" to pay those rates, though it would drop the two lowest brackets by 5 percent. Rates currently range from 10 percent to 35 percent.

    On energy, the Republican plan would open the Arctic Coastal Plain to energy exploration, while making it easier to build new nuclear reactors.

    And the party says it would help ease financial industry turmoil by discouraging bailouts and creating a climate of "certainty and economic growth."

    More fun with the GOP:
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    just more of the same Liberal Lite from the GOP.........

    .......appears still trying to placate the left, same old rhetoric........its the M.Steele, J.McCain same old comprimise.......

    .....shoulda' hired the Member of UK Parliment for some input...........

    curbs spending
    • Limits the Federal Budget from Growing Faster than Family Budgets
    Instead of spending money on wasteful programs under the guise of “stimulus” and “investments,” Republicans seek to ensure that the federal budget cannot grow faster than families’ ability to pay the bill.
    • Provides Universal Access to Health Care and Secures Entitlements
    Instead of accelerating the demise of our nation’s large entitlement programs, such as Medicare and Medicaid, and creating new unsustainable entitlements, Republicans seek to provide universal access to affordable health care and to address our entitlements’ trillion dollar unfunded liabilities with common-sense reforms that ensure our children and grandchildren can secure future benefits.
    creates jobs and lowers taxes
    • Lowers Taxes
    Instead of raising taxes on all Americans in the midst of a recession, Republicans seek to reduce the tax burden on working families and small businesses, in order to create jobs and unlock private capital.
    • Keeps Energy and Fuel Costs Low
    Instead of taxing all energy users with a new national energy tax that will cost up to $3,128 per household, Republicans want energy independence with increased development of all our natural resources, including renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar. controls the debt
    • Ends the Bailouts and Reforms the Financial System
    Instead of nationalizing our financial system and heaping trillions of dollars of debt on future generations, Republicans want to protect taxpayers and provide a transparent recovery process that does not favor those that have made unsound business decisions. We will ensure that this financial crisis can never occur again.
    • Keeps the Cost of Living Low
    Instead of returning to double digit levels of inflation and the failed economic policies of the 1970s, Republicans support maintaining the cost of living after witnessing the booms and busts triggered by loose monetary policy.

    ...........and of final note.....the actual meat--the numbers--come out next week.......didnt even have those ready........I keep hearing the Democrats have locked them out of committee meeting its not like they had alot of other stuff to do.........

    Newt Where are you?
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    This was pretty classic:

    "After 27 days, the best House Republicans could come up with is a 19-page pamphlet that does not include a single real budget proposal or estimate. There are more numbers in my last sentence than there are in the entire House GOP 'budget,' " said Hari Sevugan, a spokesman for the Democratic National Committee. "It's clear after this announcement that neither [House nor Senate Republicans] have anything to offer but criticism."

    ~ Hari Sevugan, DNC spokesman

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    They were not working on it for a year and a half and to there credit, they at least had enough brain cells in there collective heads to know that you need more then 10 hours to study a proposal, even if it's only 19 pages long.
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    Can someone enlighten me a little (serious question with no hidden agenda, I'm an independant, not a Dem or a Republican)? Is this normal for the opposing party to come up with an alternative budget with no actual specifics?
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    It was a political gamble and diversionary tactic IMO.

    A few days prior the President said that they, the republicans, had no other proposal...just attacks on his.

    This is normal for both parties...we seen the dems do similar things in the past and the republicans say that the dems just wanted to complain but gave no alternative proposal.

    Plus the republicans were getting hit with the "party of no" mantra.

    So they wanted to switch things up, get the Party of No mantra stopped.

    Only problem was they jumped the gun and it backfired in their faces right now.

    IF they would have waited until they got their numbers set up it would have looked much better for them.

    Now granted, they seem to be lost in the idea that they do not control things so no opposing party is going to take their plan and run with it either way. But at the very least they could have shown a detailed plan with numbers and projections. They could not even do that before running out and touting they have something.

    It was a case of putting the cart before the horse IMO. They should have just waited until they had all of their ducks in a row and then presented it.

    Word is that many reporters were upset, even from conservative publications, at being rushed in there that day for a big announcement. Only to be made to wait and then get that little pamphlet with no concrete details.
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    I'm actually interested in seeing the GOP alternative, like a real alternative, not just an excuse to continue the squawking.

    In one of his recent speeches Obama basically challenged them to come up with something better, I don't know that they had actually been working for it all that long, they just wanted to respond, hence the lack of specifics.
  8. Joe Rod

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    Thanks BP, I was hoping to get some returns without a beatdown and you delivered.
  9. WoodysGirl

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    Me, too.
  10. DIAF

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    The thread about this is AWESOME. I'd link to it but I'm sure a certain crowd here would get all offended.
  11. BrAinPaiNt

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    Fark threads are always fun.

    But that 7th post still has me laughing.

    But man alive they have some seriously left loonies in some of those threads.

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    In fairness, I believe that the GOP has submitted a couple of different proposals on both bailout Bills and they never even saw the floor. The reality is that because of the changes to how Congress is run, the Dems do not have to consider or even hear any counter proposals and they haven't. In the past, part of the process was that counter proposals and things like minority debate was allowed and even mandated. Now, because these rules have been repealed, nothing has to be considered outside of what the primary is defined as.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    This is all great in theory but if he really wanted this, he would never have allowed the Fairness Doctrine to be repealed. That single compact allowed for such things as alternative proposals to get fair time and fair consideration. It allowed for counter discussion on Bills.

    I think it's funny that the left claims to want this but they were the ones who guaranted it could not happen.
  14. DIAF

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    Yeah, but the lefty loonies come up with the BEST photoshops, though. The photoshops of the Republican "chart" (which is an actual chart that came out of the actual document) are HILARITY. So long as you have a sense of humor, which I'm pretty sure most conservaZoners don't.

    Actual chart taken from here - warning: PDF

    My two favorites:
    [IMG] [IMG]
  15. TheCount

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    I'm not sure you really meant the Fairness Doctrine, that's related to the FCC as far as I understand. If you have the real name of the doctrine or law that was stricken, I'd like to research it. Thanks.
  16. BrAinPaiNt

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    Yeah they do have some funny photoshops.

    That one with the Biden/Palin debate had me laughing for days.
  17. DIAF

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    They got ya covered.

    [IMG], where memes never die!
  18. Jarv

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    Actually, I saw Laura Ingraham (I think it was her) on the news the other night. She was very disappointed with the GOP's alternative budget.

    My party needs to get its head on straight if we are going to successfully fight the left wing loonies...:)

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    Your correct. It ws the Fair Play Act associated with the Contract with America the Republican majority of the early 90s adopted to make certain that the minority house also had input into congressional politics.

    Basically, the rules concerning things like term limits on House Majority Leader and the ability of the House Minority to recommit, takes out PAYGO, things like vote results are not as public as was the case previously. Several changes were adopted that limite the minority house. This was adopted under the 111th Congress - House Rules Package.
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    Obama is the king of random promises with no specifics. Take for example of his insane promise to cut the deficit in half when every rational group out there says he will double or triple it.

    The GOP has already said the specifics will be available early next week.

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