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    I'm just curious about your draft grades. 1st league is a Non-PPR league with no keepers. I had the 11th pick out of 12 teams.
    QB: Stafford
    RB: Mendenhall, Best, Lynch, Wells
    WR: Cal Johnson, VJax, Bowe, L Moore, L Evans
    TE: J Finley, L Kendricks
    K: Gostkowski
    DST: Lions

    2nd league is a PPR league with 2 keepers. I had the 4th pick in this draft out of 12 teams.
    QB: Stafford, Bradford
    RB: Rice (keeper), Jones-Drew (keeper), D Williams, CJ Spiller
    WR: Nicks, M Williams(TB), Britt, L Moore, AJ Green
    TE: Kendricks
    K: Hanson
    DST: Patriots

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