Grade for Free Agent and Draft so far

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by rwalters31, Apr 28, 2012.

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    Just for reference you ever have to get out the Bengay from patting yourself on your own back?

    Starting from the third rounds on down, they aren't often the strength of any draft. So what are you not seeing here?

    Here on in, there isn't such a thing as an immediate plug in and drive off the show room floor. That requires development and adjustments. I wonder why Bill Parcells gave a three year window? Because he was feeling sorry for himself?
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    Some really strong perspectives in this thread. Actually a thread I have been enjoying.

    Just expanding here. The secondary is night and day ahead of where it was.

    JTerrell was dead on in his comment on the upgrade that Brandon Carr and Mo Claiborne bring to that secondary.

    Sensabaugh was already active in his role, but now mix in Carr and Claiborne, Mike Jenkins, and Orlando Scandrick....and he and Pool can actually communicate but take care of their own responsibilities more strongly with attention to how they can best excell.

    It will be easier for Sensabaugh to pick up elite types of tight ends now.

    Now blend the secondary with direction in the linebackers, and system improves quite a bit.

    As a linebacker, I tell you guys that this fan salivates at what is changing in that group now. The changing of the guard in the interior of that group, should reflect similar to day and night.

    The ability to go both into down hill aggressive on running plays as well as turn and cover, will be a strength with Sean Lee, Bruce Carter, and Dan Connor. Although likeable and 'crusty' linebackers in Brady James and Keith Brooking will now be gone, function and strength has returned in the very middle of the team's defense.

    The edges of the field are now set by the defense. Like him or now, Anthony Spencer does this well. Add in DeMarcus Ware on the other side, and some juicy sweet corners outside of them, and teams will now have to attempt to challenge the guts of this evolving defense.

    Connor and Carter improve just that...but adding further, with Crawford, is sweet. Don't look now, but the 'guts' of the team's defense just got tough.

    And now, with a very strong projection into the future...hey, this fan is ecstatic at those prospects!
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    Too early.
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    I'm with ya on everything you said. I think our pass defense is going to be so much better with better ILB play and the transformation the db's took. I think between Killa and Arkin we have a couple good young lineman also which some are forgetting about. Hopefully I'm right. LOL
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    It's been a reminder that the guys running this team still don't know what they're doing. They put a tremendous emphasis on beefing up the secondary and half-bleeped their way about addressing the line play.

    So now we're left to hope Nate Livings and MacKenzie Bernadeau play better than they ever have before and the Cowboys are fortunate enough to find a plug and play C today.

    It's a shiny offseason that will attract attention, but as for nuts and bolts football, it was a failing grade for me.
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    I dont know what some of you people expect but I think the Cowboys have had a really strong off season. Hopefully they can land a few more players today.
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    That's alright...there are still diamond fields in Arkansas, where jewels surface all the time. Some of the real deal, is that it takes being forged in fire, as to the 'good' press prior to the fire.
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    Livings could turn out to be decent. I completely agree that we need to get a new starting C, either Blake or Jones in the 4th. But, the coaches reallh seemed to be impressed with Nagy at the other G spot last year. Yeah, I know he was a 7th round pick but that doesn't really matter. He earned a starting spot on the team as a rookie. We have to believe he will take a step forward in his development this year.

    We could see our starting OL like this:

    Smith Livings Blake/Jones Nagy Free

    Nagy got injured and couldn't finish out the season last year, but before he got hurt he didn't look that bad. I think this OL could be more than seviceable provided that we get a real C. Costa sucks, I doubt Kowalski is the answer. If we draft a C, I think we would be just fine at OL (barring catastrophic injuries).
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    well i grade your rating system an F-.
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    ok, I have to ask.

    you have them improving by 1 game in a tougher nfce while getting an F for the off-season???

    no offense man but that borders on insipid.
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    If you haven't noticed already, your opinion is not highly regarded.
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    if you haven't noticed, he loves it enough to believe the rest of the world is wrong. >g<
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    Can I call them or can I call them. I stand on the grades given very early this morning. :bang2:
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    I think we've really upgraded too.

    But I want some of your happy drugs anyway.

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