Graziano: Eight in the Box: Can’t-lose players (OT Tyron Smith)

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    By Dan Graziano |

    Other than the quarterback, which player could each NFC East team least afford to lose to injury? Here's a look:

    [​IMG]Dallas Cowboys: OT Tyron Smith

    Smith is a great talent in his own right, a rising 22-year-old star who's quick and strong and physical enough to develop into one of the league's top tackles. His issues with penalties last season likely can be blamed on the transition from right to left tackle, and because he won't even turn 23 until Week 15 of this coming season, it's fair to believe he'll only get better. But what makes him truly indispensable is how much better he is than anyone else on the Cowboys' offensive line. Dallas has tried to patch together its line with second-tier talent for quite a while now, and it's become a major annual weakness. Using a first-round pick on Smith in 2011 and another on center Travis Frederick this year shows that it's finally willing to address it by spending more significant resources, but there's still a big drop-off in talent level to the Doug Frees, Nate Livingses and Mackenzey Bernadeaus in the room. If the Dallas line had to play without Smith, the weaknesses of the other linemen would become more apparent and more damaging.

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    At least Smith's backup (Parnell) showed last season that he can start at that position and not get overwhelmed.

    There is no such evidence that Wilber could do that if Ware was out with injury this year.
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    I agree. I'd be more comfortable subbing in Parnell for Tyron than I would be for Wilber subbing in for Ware.

    Although if Ware went out the likely scenario would be Spencer to RDE and Crawford to LDE and Wilber would backup both.
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    Here's hoping that Smith will be one of the breakout players for this team in 2013. The 9th overall pick in the 2011 draft is in his third year, & anything less than a near Pro-Bowl level of play would be falling short, IMHO. I know he would have Tony Romo's vote. We barely have a RT, which makes having a great LT all the more important. I believe Smith is still below Ware & DeMarco Murray in players we can least afford to lose.

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