Graziano NFCE Chat - 02/05/13 *Cowboys Blurbs and a little more*

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. WoodysGirl

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    Weech (SoCal)

    Speaking of restructuring of athletes, do you think Dallas is silly enough to cut Miles and create a gaping hole in their WR corps? Ogletree is gone.

    Dan Graziano (12:09 PM)

    No, I do not think the Cowboys will cut Miles Austin.

    Weech (SoCal)

    Dan, follow-up on not cutting Miles. You've written that there will essentially be cap casualties in Dallas this off season. Where are you leaning right now in terms of players getting cut?

    Dan Graziano (12:13 PM)

    I don't have my list in front of me, but Spears, Free and maybe Sensabaugh are guys who could be in trouble, I think

    mike (philly)

    Will it really be that much of a difference for D Ware in the 4-3 as opposed to the 3-4? It seems like it will only help him because his sole responsibility will be to get after the QB rather than drop into coverage sometimes like he did in Ryan's scheme.

    Dan Graziano (12:15 PM)

    Your logic is fine. My issue with Ware as a 4-3 linemen is the physical toll it's likely to take on him when he has less space in which to operate. He's already broken down a bit in each of the last two seasons, and I'm not sure he's got the size to handle that position for the years to come.

    Joe [via mobile]

    Do you think the Cowboys will sit Ware more than they have in the past so he can hold up the whole season? He has had neck issues in the past and he was basically playing on one arm for the last 6 games or so.

    Dan Graziano (12:16 PM)

    Makes sense in theory, but do they have the depth on the defensive line to do that if they move to a 4-3? I doubt it.

    Natar (NoVa)

    If the Cowboys were to cut Doug Free, would he make sense for the Redskins?

    Dan Graziano (12:18 PM)

    I don't see how Doug Free makes sense for anyone in the NFL after the way he played the past two years.

    josh (rochester)

    say a team like the texans calls jerry and asks him about ware what does jerry say

    Dan Graziano (12:20 PM)


    Dan Graziano (12:21 PM)

    Look, Ware is a Hall of Fame-level player who's still in his prime. When we talk about whether he can transition to a 4-3, the answer is almost certainly "yes." The concerns I raise are potential concerns, along the lines of "Well, if he can't do it, what would the reason be?" The odds still favor Ware as a major contributor for Dallas next year in the pass rush.

    Bill (AC,NJ)

    Is Parnell good enough to replace Free, Parnell did give up 5 sacks I believe.

    Dan Graziano (12:21 PM)

    "Good enough to replace Free," is not the same as "good enough to make the Cowboys' offensive line more viable." I think they need someone new in that spot, and it's not Parnell.

    Brian (NJ)

    Why do you think the SB will have logistical issues next year? Im not arguing, just curious as someone who has lived in NJ my whole life, but has never been to a SB. I know you are an NJ resident as well.

    Dan Graziano (12:24 PM)

    The teams are staying in Jersey City. The media center, NFL Experience, etc. are in Manhattan. One team will practice in East Rutherford, the other in Florham Park. Media Day will be in Newark. The game in East Rutherford. These things are not all close to each other. The weather this time of year stinks. It's not about Super Bowl Sunday. It's about the whole week. It shouldn't be here.

    John Mara (NY)

    Dan, don't be so negative. If Jerry could make it work, Woody and I can.

    Dan Graziano (12:29 PM)

    The Super Bowl in Dallas was a disaster on every level, and because of one ice storm. Sure, this area handles snow and ice better than Dallas does. But why invite that mess to your big event? Why chance it? This whole thing is a favor from the league to Mara, who is its most powerful owner. Total money grab for him and Woody as part of their stadium deal. Anybody who tells you different is selling something you don't want to buy.

    Brian (NJ)

    "These things are not all close to each other." All of the things you mentioned are within 20-25 miles of each other. I don't really see the issue.

    Dan Graziano (12:31 PM)

    My guess is that you've never covered a Super Bowl.

    Bill (AC,NJ)

    If not Parnell the who? FA or 2nd rd pick?

    Dan Graziano (12:37 PM)

    Why not a first-round pick?

    Dan (MD) [via mobile]

    What are the chances Jason Garret remains headcoach if his team has a better record than this year but still misses the playoffs?

    Dan Graziano (12:38 PM)

    62 percent.

    Tim (GA)

    Yes, i think Romo with a o-line can get it done for Dallas but is it likely that Dallas doesnt find another replacement for him and we have to get used to another X ammount of years without a decent qb?

    Dan Graziano (12:40 PM)

    I just don't think that ranks among their most imminent problems.

    Tim (Richmond)

    Is Anthony Spencer really the key to what the Cowboys do in the 1st round?

    Dan Graziano (12:45 PM)

    Well, he could be. If they lose him, I think 4-3 defensive end becomes a big priority for them. They seem to think Jason Hatcher could play out there, but then that would open up a hole at DT that they'd have to address at 18. If they keep Spencer, they have more flexibility and depth on their new 4-3 line and can address offensive line instead with that first-round pick. So yeah, it's possible.

    Read the rest:
  2. Bowdown27

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    If we resign spencer it really does give is some flexibility in the first round. We can jump up a bit to get warmack or stay put take a safety like vaccaro or maybe drop back a but pick up more draft picks.
  3. xwalker

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    Dan Graziano (12:18 PM)
    I don't see how Doug Free makes sense for anyone in the NFL after the way he played the past two years.

    Bill (AC,NJ)
    Is Parnell good enough to replace Free, Parnell did give up 5 sacks I believe.

    Come on Mayne, he didn't give up 5 sacks.
  4. CowboyGil

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    I think it's funny the one guy considers places being 25 miles apart close? And how Mara says "IF Jerry can make it work..." like JJ is such a horrible business man. Back to back 8-8 seasons and STILL the most valuable franchise in the NFL. Jealousy is an ugly thing, John.
  5. CowboysYanksLakers

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    I think the Cowboys like what they see from Parnell...
  6. Nation

    Nation Well-Known Member

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    Umm I don't think that was actually John Mara...
  7. big dog cowboy

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    That's going to make a whole lotta people around here very cranky.
  8. Idgit

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    I can't read Graziano without thinking 'Giants fan.' I don't even know if he is one or not, but that's all I think when I read his takes.
  9. DBOY3141

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    I don't have a lot of faith in that. Just a few years ago, they had a lot of faith in Free. From what I saw Parnell was not that much better than Free and we need much better than Free.

    I would go Lane Johnson in the 1st and establish the tackle position for the next 5 years.
  10. jobberone

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    I didn't disagree with anything he said.
  11. Picksix

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    He is from that area, yes, but I don't read a whole lot of bias in what he writes. I think he's pretty even as far as how much he praises or criticizes each of the teams. Shoot, he's kinder to the Cowboys than most of the ESPN Dallas guys.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    This, IMO, is a way to too one dimensional way of looking at this situation. To read this, it supposes that if we don't sign Spencer, then we are limited in how we draft. That's not necessarily true. The key here is FA and what you might be able to do there. If you can find a good solution in FA for either DE, DT or RT, then it allows you to have flexibility. You can then approach the draft without having to replace a certain position. I'm not saying that you can replace every position with FA but you can probably look at replacing at least one of them and maybe two depending. We should not approach the draft with a specific position in mind. We should take the best player available on our board.
  13. Idgit

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    I don't think he's particularly biased, but mostly because none of the local guys who don't work directly for the team are particularly pro-Cowboys. I just feel like he's a wolf in sheep's clothing. Like maybe he's trying hard to not be biased. But that's mostly because of his Jersey upbringing and neither here-nor-there as far as the job he does. He's fine: not particularly good, nothing in particular against him other than that he's from Jersey.
  14. TwoDeep3

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    He was being flippant. The exact 62 percent should have given that away.
  15. TwoDeep3

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    But then isn't this your usual conspiracy theory on every journalist that wasn't born in Parkland Hospital in Dallas and went to W.T. White high school, SMU and is a member of of the Dallas Audubon Society, with a home street address in the 75220 zip code?

    I have seen you laud Bob Sturm, but if you lived in Dallas and listened to him you would know he was born in Wisconsin and a huge Packer fan.

    Maybe taking a positive comment at face value would be better served than looking for clues like Murder She Wrote.
  16. Idgit

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    No. This is you making up something weird. I'm not even a Dallas native myself, and I don't particularly care for most of the local guys, either.

    Yes. I knew that. But thanks for pointing it out. Bob Sturm's great because he's smart, not because he's not from Dallas or because he's from Wisconsin.

    Maybe. Good job!

    I don't particularly dislike Graziano. Like I said, he's just a guy. I just read him and think 'Why would they put a Giants fan in a job covering the Cowboys?' It's not like he's a football genius or anything.

    For all I know, he might not even be a Giants fan, at all. I only mentioned it because I wondered if I'm the only one who thinks that when the know a guy's from Jersey. I gather I am.
  17. theebs

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    Don't be silly.

    All guys in there living room in New Jersey are cowboys experts and well qualified to dish out opinions on the cowboys.

    All joking aside, he is at least a fair guy and down the middle on every team in the east, unlike the hack that works with Galloway everyday and used to do that.

    I don't even think he likes football that much to be honest.
  18. TwoDeep3

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    How do you account for Lebron being a Cowboy fan and growing up in Cleveland?

    Further, have you ever coveted a job and then gone out and worked in that career for very long?

    I had always wanted to work in a bar back in the day before I grew up. Went to one of the hottest nightclubs in Dallas and got a job. Worked my way up the ladder and got the position I lusted after.

    So going to a party every night with women everywhere and making pretty good money for what amounted to nothing was great. For about a year.

    Then it became a job.

    So a kid grows up admiring the Giants or Lakers, or Saskatchewan Rough Riders and gets a job in the industry as a journalist.

    Sometimes too much of a good thing tends to take the shiny off of the nickle, n'est-ce pas?

    I suspect all the people who write up these long winded prose about the team and post them here or on a blog would have an entirely different point-of-view if they were accepted in the ranks of being a journalist.

    Especially when the editor told them to trim that 2200 word praise-a-thon down to less than 800 and knock off the fan boy attitude in it.

    I bet we could ask Dale what surprised him when he finally got his job. He's pretty straight forward.

    I bet its those assignments of covering the junior varsity tiddly winks contests and having to meet a dead line and write like you gave a crap are the worst.
  19. Idgit

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    Maybe you're right. I was just wondering if other people thought he was probably a Giants fan. I don't really care one way or another, honestly. If he were from Washington or Philly, I'd wonder the same thing, and it wouldn't necessarily keep him from doing a good job or be an indication of a particular bias one way or another.
  20. xwalker

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    I watched every snap including pre-season that Parnell has taken at least 10 times. This season that included the 2 extra angles from the All-22. I've also watched him at Training camp.

    I've watched every snap that Lane Johnson played in 2012.

    IMO, if Lane Johnson is drafted by the Cowboys, he will not beat out Parnell for the starting job.

    If Parnell had played in place of Lane Johnson this season at Oklahoma, the draft media would be proclaiming him the greatest thing since sliced bread. Fans would be demanding that the Cowboys draft him in the 1st round. He might be rated higher than Luke Joeckel.

    Note: The above are my opinions and do not represent the opinions of CowboysZone, Mel Kiper, Bozo the draft analyst or Joe Blow Fan.

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