Graziano NFCE Chat Wrap - 06/25/13 *Cowboys only*

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    Elvis (Tupelo, MS)

    Jason Garrett has always impressed me with his professional demeanor and ability to diffuse controversy - best recent example is holding the team together after devastating injuries and Jerry Brown/Josh Brent tragedy. Given this, how is it that he has done so badly with the offensive play calling transition? To me, he could have gotten out in front, expressed full confidence in Callahan, made it clear that he is still intimately involved in game plans, and moved could have been so much easier than he made it.
    Dan Graziano
    (12:01 PM)

    I think there's some ego involved. I've written more than once that I think it's a change that'll help him, by taking away something that made him look bad and allowing him to concentrate more on the parts of the job he's done well, including those you reference here. But that's not to say he wants to give it up or wants to admit he didn't do well with the playcalling. My guess is he viewed it as embarrassing and handled it poorly as a result of emotion.

    Elvis (Tupelo, MS)

    I think the Cowboys season will be a referendum on the Garret "right kind of guy" philosophy. Most of the 2012 draft class will essentially be rookies this season, along with Frederick, and if they produce, 'Boys will be real tough. If they don't pan out, it's another 8-8 season and Garrett is probably gone. Thoughts?
    Dan Graziano
    (12:17 PM)

    I think Garrett's probably safe unless they tank. I think they have enough talent on the roster to make the playoffs. I think the offensive line is still the biggest question mark and could sink the whole thing.

    Snip Snap (Colorado Springs)

    Who starts opposite of Barry Church at FS this season?
    Dan Graziano
    (12:39 PM)

    My guess is Will Allen, at least to start. They'll give Matt Johnson an opportunity, but there's no way to know what he'll do with it.

    Luky (Turlock)

    Everyone keeps looking at me cross-eyed and telling me I am crazy when I tell them Dez will be the #1 receiver in the NFL next year when comparing catches, yardage, and TD's - am I?
    Dan Graziano
    (12:41 PM)

    Yeah, but only because of Calvin Johnson.

    Dave (Sacramento)

    Thanks for answering so many of my questions, but you keep skipping the one I really care about the most.What should the Cowboys do about their salary cap next year. Already $15 million over before signing 2014 rookies and Anthony Spencer is a UFA. What's their move?
    Dan Graziano
    (12:45 PM)

    Not trying to ignore your question. This is the first time I've seen it. But I do not know the answer. They have this same problem every year. They keep restructuring and putting off the bill. You have to think it eventually catches up to them, but so far it has not.

    Snip Snap (Colorado Springs)

    Even though he has been explosive at it in the past, does JG allow Dez to return punts or does he just make him stick to WR?
    Dan Graziano
    (12:46 PM)

    I'd be surprised if they made Bryant the primary punt returner. I think his workload as a receiver will be immense. But that's not to say they won't put him back there in a big spot, or to scare another team.

    G-Money (Chicago, IL)

    Greetings Dan - Are you buying the notion that Claiborne and Carr aren't a good fit for Kiffin's Tampa 2 defense? Seems to me that if you're a good cornerback, it doesn't matter what scheme the defense is playing.
    Dan Graziano
    (12:49 PM)

    I agree with you. I think they can press and bail. But the greater point is this: They spent significant resources to acquire those two. Big free-agent dollars for Carr and two high draft picks for Claiborne. Had they known they'd change in year two to a scheme that de-emphasized their greatest strengths, would it have been wise to do that, or use those resources otherwise?

    Dave (Florida)

    Doug Free was good at one time. What is the cause of his bad play? Is it unreasonable to think he can rebound?
    Dan Graziano
    (12:51 PM)

    It is not unreasonable, but since I do not know the answer to your first question (what is the cause?), I can't really speculate as to how he can rebound or how likely it is that he will.

    Weech (SoCal)

    Pick the lesser of four evils: mid-June, which secondary in the east are you liking to have the most success this year?
    Dan Graziano
    (12:57 PM)

    Yikes. I guess Dallas. Their corners are premium talents. There isn't much at safety division-wide. It's grim.

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    What the heck? We are not over the cap, in fact we are little over $9 mil under the cap.
  3. CowboyStar88

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    It's just another shot at the Cowboys people don't really know what the cap will look like yet. Obviously they get the 5 mil back and they will have players they will want to unload. Also with the roll over money this year and the fact that there is no way Spencer will get another 10 mil I think they will be just fine. Could you imagine if they didn't franchise spencer? That would be an additional 10 mil. This cat will have gotten 20 mil guaranteed over 2 years not including his rookie contract. Not many players get 20 mil guaranteed for 5 years let alone over a course of 2 years especially for a guy who has only had 1 double digit sack season. No I'm not knocking spencer as a player I'm just stating the 20 mil guaranteed along with his rookie contract I would say he's done pretty darn well. Hopefully we let him walk next year and not worry about that pending contract for another 30 year old player rent him for the year.
  4. CoCo

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    I don't know the real cap numbers for 2014 at this point. I do know that Dallas can save about 9.2 M alone by restructuring Romo next year. Expect that as an annual event for the next 3-4 years as long as Tony stays productive. The deal was obviously set up to do just that.

    If we truly are 14 M over for 2014 I suspect that does NOT include the carryover savings from 2013 which at this point is substantial too.

    Those are the only two facts I'm aware of at this point. No sense speculating on the rest.
  5. Big D

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    No Dan, you're not. Dez is going off this year.

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