News: Graziano: Would Cowboys go 4-3 for cap reasons?

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    By Dan Graziano |

    First thing I want to say is this: If the Dallas Cowboys fired defensive coordinator Rob Ryan because they wanted to switch from a 3-4 defense to a 4-3 defense and they don't already have Ryan's successor lined up, I think they're nuts. I don't think you decide as an organization to switch to a 4-3 and then decide you're just going to go out and hire the best 4-3 guy you can find to run it. Not all 4-3s are created equal, and I think the better way is to find the coordinator you like and involve him in the process of making the switch, right from the start. So my first thought here is that, if the head coach and/or owner have decided to make this switch, Cowboys fans should hope they've already been in touch with whoever's going to be in charge of actually implementing it.

    But you know, there were performance-based reasons to fire Ryan if that's what they wanted to do, and obviously teams don't always operate with common sense as their guiding principle, so it's possible that Jerry Jones and/or Jason Garrett have decided to go to a 4-3 without thinking it through to that extent. I actually think it's possible that they're doing it for economic reasons. John Clayton has the Cowboys projected $18.2 million over the salary cap, which means there are a lot of people on the current defense who don't fit into the budget. Switching to a 4-3 could help that.

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    I think this take makes a lot of sense.
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    It will be easier to do a 4-3 financially as long as you will be able to bring in some existing talent in FA and get it going without ballooning the cap.

    Then rebuild with some shrewd drafting in mid to later rounds to get some healthy DL and LBers in there for the needed packages and rotation.

    I'm all for it. Wish we'd never changed but Zimmer at the time was getting owned as DC back in the day.


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    4-3 DEs cost the same as 3-4 OLBs. And 4-3 DTs are more expensive than 3-4 DEs.

    Not sure that cost is the driving reason to implement the scheme change. Production and personnel I can understand, but not cost.
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    the defense is still missing a nt, whether its a 34 or 43.

    someone has to take 2 blockers. And push the pocket. I don't think lissemore is that guy. They basically did a 4-3 with Crawford, lissemore, Hatcher and ware when Spencer dropped back.

    but I think it does allow for Crawford to go to end and pick up a cheap OBP, rather than keep Spencer at an expensive price.

    why pay a guy that much if he's not going to rush the passer that much.

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