Great discussion of 3-4 hybrid run by Rex Ryan and the best draft prospects for that

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    2012 Top Draft Prospects
    Michael Brockers – defensive end – LSU. Still learning to use his long arms (35”), but did so far more in the second half of the season. A big and powerful prospect who will continue to improve.

    Devon Still – defensive end – Penn State. His arms may be on the short side for this system, but he was able to demonstrate the ability to stack and shed in his college career. Offers the flexibility to play in a 4-3 also and should be around late in the first round where the Patriots have two picks.

    Kendall Reyes – defensive end – Connecticut. Reyes flashed ability to extend his long arms (just under 34”) to stack and shed. Also has the athletic ability to penetrate in a 4-3, so like

    Read more at Suite101: Defensive Line in the 3-4 Defense and the 2012 Draft – the Hybrid |
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    Joe, if I havent said it before THANK YOU. You are tireless in your draft research.
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    Thanks buddy, I dont have the sources that Hos, Sdogo, CouchScout and some others have, but I try to keep you all posted on what I can find. I have a few sources that lets me know things now and then but very rarely. :)
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    It is greatly appreciated. Each contributor seems to find something the rest missed. We are very fortunate on this board to have some outstanding knowledgable contributors who are tireless in their research.
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    Yep. I think I've read three or four articles today alone posted by Joe. Big thanks!!
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    Some great articles Joe. Thanks for all you do big guy. I find it interesting that the author believes that Rob is not playing a hybrid, but more Wade's one gapping scheme.

    Not sure if I buy that, but didn't affect my enjoyment at all.
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    Rob actually uses both 1-gap and 2-gap attacks for the defensive line. What he does differently is he likes to use overload blitzes with alot of movement in the front to confuse protection schemes. The other thing he likes to do is blitz you on first or second down but rarely sends more than 4 on 3rd downs.
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    Thanks guys, i try to find cowboys stuff for you all.
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    Joe, is tremendous.

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