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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Bigdog, Jan 3, 2008.

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    I was browsing through some draft web sites and came upon this one from (Mike). This is who he has the Cowboys drafting:

    1a. Mike Jenkins CB (S. Florida)
    1b. Adrius (sp?) Bowman WR (Okla. St)

    2. Frank Olam DT (Texas)

    3. Chris Johnson RB (E. Carolina)

    If this happens which I do not believe will especially Johnson falling to bottom of the 3rd round , I would rate this as very good first day. I would grade this as a A+ for the first day. I really do not believe that this will happen at all but one can dream.
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    Just a friendly reminder that the first day is only two rounds this year. Still an A+ first day, then?
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    I love it except for Okam. I'd be in favour of an ILB in the second round - Beau Bell, Jon Goff, Ezra Butler. Alternatively, move the RB - Johnson or Jones - to the second rounder and take an offensive guard to take over from Kosier within a season or so. I'd like John Greco - a big nasty - and move him inside.
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    Hey, good call on Bell and Butler... not many folks are talking about them right now, but they both have terrific size/speed ratios...

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