Great Victory...Now a vent ABOUT THIS BOARDS MEMBERS

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by SDogo, Nov 8, 2009.

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    just do what i do........speak your mind, openly and honestly.....come with a lighthearted and humerous side....

    dont worry about offending others and dont get offended by what others say.

    dont take this site so seriously....we may all be Cowboys fans, but we are from all over the planet....we have different likes and dislikes, beliefs, customs, life views, etc.

    Just go with the flow and dont be that keyboard cowboy/cowboy with your mouse stuck up your butt...
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    Went to the Packers forum after our game and stayed awhile. They are the same as us, whining about coach, GM and players. Same on the Skins board,so just came home to the yahoos we all know and love as Cowboys fans.Plus this board has other places to go that is more entertaining.
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    and now im here, SDOGO! lol
    How are ya man? Loooooooong time no 'see'! Hope i can 'contribute' and be more active now that we are all for the same team. :)
  4. BeWare94

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    AMEN sister. You can tell that this board is a lot of people's LIFE. Sad really, pathetic.

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