Green to feast on Cowboys

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Gryphon, Dec 6, 2012.

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    Green to feast on Cowboys: Up next for A.J. Green is a matchup against the Cowboys in Week 14. Dallas has allowed six touchdowns and 165.8 total yards per game over its last five to receivers thanks to a secondary that's become riddled with sloppy play and injuries. The Cowboys haven't allowed a 100-yard receiver since Week 9 (two at Atlanta) but have given up at least 70 yards to three receivers over the last four weeks.

  2. Jenky

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    I believe it. AJ is a beast.
  3. Gryphon

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    Cowboys up next for BJGE: BenJarvus Green-Ellis has been a monster over the last three weeks, owning over 100 rush yards in three straight games with two touchdowns. He's been helped by some favorable matchups and he'll have another one in Week 14 vs. Dallas. The Cowboys' once-stalwart run defense has allowed five 100-total-yard games to running backs in succession with five touchdowns over that span.
  4. Joshmil53

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    AJ is a beast so I won't be surprised.
  5. Gryphon

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    Dalton to take on Cowboys: Andy Dalton had a three-game hot streak snapped last week at San Diego. This week he'll aim to get back on track vs. the Cowboys. Dallas has allowed nine passing touchdowns over its last three games and at least 250 yards passing in four of its last five, so they're certainly ripe for the picking.
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    I'm sure he will.

    I play against him in 2 fantasy leagues. It'd only be right on par with the rest of my season for a WR on the other team to explode.

    Hakeem Nicks: 35.9
    Brandon Marshall: 39.2
    Roddy White: 36.9
    Calvin Johnson: 36.7

    These guys all had season highs against me and numerous other players scored mid-to-high 20's but it wasn't their best.
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    Eventually, the lights will come on for Claiborne, and I think it happens against Cincy. He had a great game last week against the Eagles, and the fumble return for a TD might just have been the confidence boost that he needed to start coming into his own. It happened for Peterson last year against the Cowboys, and I think it happens for Claiborne here.
  8. DavidAK

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    I hope Ware brings his big boy pants because we're going to need some serious pressure on Dalton.
  9. jblaze2004

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    i wish we would play more man:banghead: why get all these corners to play zone? We need to start playing more man. Zone is killing us. We don't have the people to play zone. Easy completions everytime.
  10. FiveRings

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    I don't think he played all that well against Philly but his first big play might be the thing he needs to feel like he belongs and sort of prove his worth so I agree I think he plays well this week.
  11. DavidAK

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    I agree we need to see more man to man. No reason why not to, we have Carr, Clai and Jenkins.
  12. StarBoyz83

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    Green is a beast. I was saying before i'd trade dez and miles for him. Not so much anymore because dez seems to be on his way to becoming what we hoped for. I just have a feeling hes going to do something off the field soon. It'd figure something like that would happen
  13. Frozen700

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    The way Dez is playing, I wouldn't

    I would not cry though if we got a guy like Green, it's just that Dez can do so much.
  14. SilverStarCowboy

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    A.J. Greens' only argument for best in the NFL is Calvin Johnson.

    Playing like Dez is... you'd have to pass on the prospect of another WR for a greater need.

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