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Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by Juke99, Jul 19, 2010.

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    Sounds like a go to me. Of course, if you like Chinese food; it's gonna be rough! :laugh2: Chinese food in the south is like frozen dinner food.

    To make up for it though, if you are willing, (eating fried foods I mean) southern home cooking is the best.
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    I "dated" someone who lived in WA...3000 miles away. She'd come visit every month. I began to think the reason for her visits was the sicilian pizza.

    Being the nice guy that I am...I would order a pizza around around it home, cut it up and put it in the freezer...take it out at 7pm...scoot over to fedex...over night priority for about 20 bucks...and when it arrived in WA the next morning, it was still cold.

    So, I'd just have to hook up with someone to send me pizza.

    bagels and chinese food would be a problem.
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    Chinese is good here. We have real Asian people here and everything. ;)

    We have a few really good Thai places, too.
  4. Juke99

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    Are you sure they're not actors hired by the state? ;)
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    I've got some cousins that live in the area and they love it. They're able to have some land for their horses and live the kind of life they want to live on a very modest budget.
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    I used to live in Hendersonville and Asheville, NC, which is not far from Greenville at all. I have been there. The area is beautifully lush and green.

    In between Asheville and Greenville, but not on the direct route is a town called Brevard. It is the prettiest place I have ever been to in that part of the country. The town is in the Appalachian Mountains and it surrounds a lake. I actually had a wild swan come up to me and eat bread out of my hand. Tiger lillies grow wild there. Stunning area.

    There are so many beautiful waterfalls in that part of NC and SC that you would not believe it. Dry Falls has a trail and you can walk behind it. Bridal Veil Falls drops on one side of the road, then goes under the road and drops down the other side. Cullasaja Falls is like a staircase falls. It drops 250 feet all in stages. Whitewater Falls drops 411 feet and is the highest dropping waterfall East of the Mississippi I believe. Great trail down to it.

    I know you will miss your pizza, but you can get used to Southern food. I still miss Bojangles. I loved that place. The best biscuits on earth. They put everything on them. Everyone I have ever referred there who has tried it admits they are great. Oh, do not, under any circumstances, let someone talk you into trying chitlins. Hush puppies are worth trying. Brunswick stew is too. But chitlins are disgusting. Trust me. They can cook chicken in more ways than you can ever imagine and it is usually outstanding.

    Another thing you can get used to is the way a southern accent from a beautiful girl sounds in your ear. Holy grab your heart and give it a squeeze, you just want to take them home.

    Very humid and hot in the summer, but easy to adjust to because you are far enough away from the ocean to have it dissipate a good bit. Speaking of the ocean, Myrtle Beach. Go there. You will thank me. It is a few hours drive, but worth the trip.

    Drive your Corvette and take your guitar. It will be a weekend you never forget.

    All in all, it's a great area John.
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    Just remember it's youths not uts :D
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    Sent you a PM juke. Greenville is my hometown...........well sort of. lol
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    Well that's a little different. VA and NY are sister states. A lot of New Yorkers have moved to Virginia.
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    Eat more paint chips.
  12. Faerluna

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    A lot of New Yorkers have moved to Florida, more than have moved to Virginia. That doesn't make NY and FL sister states. :p
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    It will be a culture shock. I moved from NY to Myrtle Beach, SC for college and that was a culture shock, and most of the people there are from NY or NJ. But once you get out of Myrtle, it's a different world. Greenville is considered the 'redneck side of the state' when it comes to South Carolina. But, better weather and lower cost of living may suit you.

    After I graduated I moved to Atlanta, which isn't too far from Greenville. I finally moved to Orlando about 3 months ago. Best decision I ever made. Wish I would've done it years ago. I was unemployed for 2 years in Atlanta, partially due to some health issues. I get a job in Orlando and make 30% more than my last job in Atlanta, and the cost of living is much cheaper, no traffic.

    I actually enjoyed living in Myrtle quite a bit. In fact, if I ever get a job that let's me work from home, I'd seriously consider moving to Myrtle again. And I've always liked Florida and enjoy it here as well. You probably won't have a lot of excitement in Greenville, but the key is figuring out if the daily things (traffic, people, expenses, etc) are what you are looking for.

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    Where do you live? Suburbs or small town?
    I don't live in Richardson, but I here it has one of the more highly concentrated Asian populations (Chinese included) in the country. I suspect they do Asian cuisine quite well there. But it would be hard to match the Chinese food from NYC or San Francisco anywhere outside of Beijing.

    Also, I live in Dallas (Lakewood) and almost all of my friends live 5-10 minute (or less) away. Having said that, no doubt places like Dallas, Phoenix, Atlanta, Houston, LA, San Diego, etc require you to drive much more than NYC. 70 miles at 70 very extreme.

    As for moving from NYC to the Carolinas....the shock would be lessoned depending on where you moved--just as it would from NYC to far western NY. The high tech Raleigh-Durham, NC area would not be nearly the shock of almost anywhere in SC...especially western SC. But we're talking SC and it is a bit different.
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    I think you mean "Yoots" :laugh2:


    I believe we've already discussed this, but

    Hows yer Chinese food?

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    Now? Currently, I live in lower Connecticut (NYC suburb) and commute to lower Manhattan every morning.

    Back in Texas, I grew up in Southeast Fort Worth. (Forrest Hill area). I also lived in Southwest Fort Worth, Arlington, (2 minutes from the Ball Park), Irving off 183, and Coppell.

    I don't eat too many different Chinese food dishes, but I do eat it about four times a month. The Chinese food in Texas doesn't compare though I can't say I'v driven to Richardson for Chinese food before.

    As noted, I lived in Coppell. Some of my family lives in Mira Vista area in southwest Fort Worth and others in North Fort Worth. The trip to Mira Vista usually took between 40-50 minutes on the weekend depending on traffic and 30+ minutes to North Fort Worth. The issue for me was that nobody lived in Dallas county except for me!
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    We definitely don't speak Yankee English below the Mason-Dixon line... but if you take a class, you'll quickly pick up on Dixie English...

    Or you could just buy a few Jeff Foxworthy albums and listen to them over and over and over again...
  18. Juke99

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    I'm a shut-in. I don't think the shock would impact me unless I didn't have central air conditioning.

  19. Bonecrusher#31

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    Thats the way I feel after moving here.
  20. Sam I Am

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    You mean you have central air in New York City? :laugh2:

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