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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Cochese, Aug 8, 2006.

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    When I posted this paragraph, which caused a minor stir:

    and then speedkilz88 posted this:

    I went back to my original notes and noticed my error. The play that Nate Jones blitzed on was a sack but they continued to run the play and Henson threw incomplete, so that was actually one play. So that was 4th down. The play where Parcells wondered about the time out was the Elam tackle on the draw because Henson rushed the third down play and had to throw it way. I believe Parcells wanted him to call time out then instead of letting the clock run and rushing the critical 3rd down play.

    baj1dallas noted this error:

    He is correct, it should've said run left.

    encore said this:

    I mentioned that in my practice report:

    Sorry for the errors, I should slow down in trying to type these reports up but I know you guys are waiting to find out what happened in practice so I rush through them. I will try to be more thorough from now on.
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    You're doing great, Grizz. Don't change a thing. :clap2:
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    We appreciate you trying to go back and be more thorough. But those "errors" were minor. Keep dishing out the good reports. I look forward to your's over Vela's, and I think his are pretty good.
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    Depending on the down, distance and time, you might want to save your timeout until after that play. (You wouldn't want to call timeout, run a play, then not be able to kill the clock before time runs out.)

    Whatever the situation was for Henson, Parcells thought he could have afforded to use the timeout then -- or at least he brought it up, to see why Henson didn't use it. It could have been in a gray area for using it or not, and Parcells wanted to know Henson's thought process. Either way, the chances of Henson "forgetting" he had a timeout probably are one in a million.
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    I would hope, after being a top athlete at every level since(i'm sure) 6th grade. There are a LOT of "grey areas" that we fans just don't understand. We love to jump to conclusions, when in reality these types of things are all part of coaching/learning for a QB at that level. I don't doubt Bill one bit when he gives off the vibe that Drew H. is a ways down the road from being a Pro QB. It's ****e or get off the pot time for Romo and that's good as well. As a fan, i don't take what Henson does in this camp to literally. He still has a year to refine his skills. By this time in 2007, he'd better be ready though. ala Romo now.
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    Grizz thnx dude your the bomb!

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    Grizz what is your opinion of rivera so far this camp as opposed to last year he is my number one ? this year, was his play yesterday an aberration or has he been getting blown up a lot in camp ?
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    Grizz, as always I really appreciate your time and effort on these reports. Thanks alot
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    Guess Henson thought it was only practice huh?
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    Rivera has actually had a pretty solid camp, he just had a really bad day yesterday.
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    Ratliff was a good pass rusher for Auburn a couple of years ago when they went 13-0. I'm very high on the guy, I expected him to be drafted much than he was.

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