Grizz Practice Report #16

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    Blogging The Boys

    The sun was out this morning with no cloud cover, unusual for the mornings here in Oxnard, and the Cowboys went through a good workout in full pads. Terrell Owens wasn't dressed but he was doing some full-speed running on the field. Marcus Spears continues his work and was jogging with a little more emphasis today and showing only a slight hitch in his step; he's starting to look a lot better. Justin Beriault continued his running on the side.

    Practice started with some formation work on extra points followed by the standard 7-on-7 all defense formation drills with the QB's and RB's running their hand-off drills. After that they did half-speed 11-on-11 work with Jason Fabini still with the 1st unit and Petitti on the 2nd team with McQ backing up Flozell on the other side. Sam Hurd got time with the 1st team again today as did Tyson Thompson. Montavious Stanley remained with the 2nd team and Lousaka Polite and Tony Curtis spent a lot of time with the 2nd unit. Stephen Peterman continued working with the 3rd team.

    After sprints and stretching they moved to position drills, where they added the OLB vs. TE blocking drills in again today. Witten looked good against Singelton, Saldi got a good push on Fasano but didn't get to the coach acting as the QB. Witten looked good again against Glymph but Ellis pushed Fasano around a little bit. Witten was too high against Ware and lost that one, then Hannam stood Singelton up. Lousaka got a good pop on Saldi, Fasano let Ellis get around him and Lousaka handled Saldi for a second time. Burnett got to the inside on Witten, Fasano whiffed on Singleton and Witten looked good against Burnett. Yes, Fasano struggled mightily in this drill.

    After that we saw some of the T/TE vs. DE/OLB and LG/C/RG vs. NT/ILB blocking drills. Fabini and Witten looked good as a combo against Ratliff and Ellis. Gurode handled Ferguson and Flozell drove Ware backwards. Petitti showed bad balance on his block and got beat, Al Johnson stood up Stanley and McQ pushed Hatcher around. Ratliff got buried on a double-team block by Fabini and Witten, Gurode beat Sammy T. easily and the duo of Flozell and Hannam handled Ware and Canty. Petitti did a good job of turning Coleman and McQ beat Hatcher again.

    Next was 11-on-11 run drills but the players were blocking our view so I missed the drill while finding a new spot to watch from.

    After that drill they did 1-on-1 OL vs. DL pass blocking drills. Hatcher got around Flozell on a speed rush, Canty beat Kosier, but Gurode stonewalled Ferguson. Rivera pushed Coleman into the ground, Ratliif easily beat Fabini and Petitti stayed in front of Bowen. Coleman cooked Peterman on an inside move, Al Johnson rode Pepper Johnson wide, and Procter looked good against Davis. Hatcher got the better of McQ, Canty bull-rushed Batiste and Stanley looked pretty good against Tarullo. Peterman handled Bowen, Colombo rode Ratliff inside and past the QB, Coleman got inside of Fabini but Fabini recovered in time to make the block. Gurode was excellent against Stanley, Kosier ran off Hatcher to the outside and Flozell stoned Canty.

    They went to kickoff drills next, with Abram Elam lining up with Tyson Thompson on the first team. Next they went through some FG's with Vandy hitting the upright on one from 42 yards and Suisham also missed from that same distance.

    They followed up with 11-on-11 drills; Bledsoe started out by hitting Glenn in the flats, then went to Witten in the opposite flats but Witten couldn't hold on. Thompson ran through a big hole in the middle of the line then Henry had good coverage on Copper who couldn't make the catch.

    Romo came in and hit Crayton in the middle of the field, MB3 ran a sweep but Hatcher and Stanley got out there and the CB forced the play inside for no gain. Tolver made a good catch on a high ball in front of Reeves and Romo hit Polite in the flats but Nate Jones was right there.

    Henson started with a sweep to JJ who made a nice cut-back move, then Baker came in and had a terrible throw. Henson went back in and ran a bootleg but no one was open so he threw it out-of-bounds. He finished by hitting Hannam in the flats but Newman was right there in coverage.
    They tried some short-yardage 11-on-11 drills after that. JJ ran a sweep but Ayodele stuffed it in the backfield, MB3 ran up the middle for little gain, then Bledsoe ran a play-action pass but was picked off by A. Glenn who was sitting on the slant route.

    Romo handed of to Polite up the middle for an OK gain, then ran a play-action pass to Hurd who made a good catch. Henson pitched out on a Thompson sweep but Fasano didn't get out on the block quick enough. Henson then hit Hurd on a play-action pass for around 15 yards.

    Next up, goal line defense with Ellis, Ratliff, Ferguson, P. Johnson and Canty lined up across the front. MB3 ran to his right for a TD, then Bledsoe tried a play-action pass to Fasano who was blanketed by Roy, so he threw it out of the endzone. MB3 then ran up the middle for a TD.

    Romo tried a play-action pass but Ayodele was there in coverage. JJ went to the left side and scored as McQ got a nice block. Then Polite ran up the middle into a giant mass of bodies so who knows if he scored or not. Henson got one play and handed off to JJ up the middle who went through a nice-sized hole.

    They ended practice by running 11-on-11 in the redzone. Bledsoe hit a wide-open Witten for a TD who had shaken loose of Burnett. Thompson ran through a big hole in the middle, then Bledsoe hit Thompson in the flats with Ellis trying to stay with him in coverage. MB3 ran one up the middle but Burnett made the tackle and then Witten beat Roy on a play-action pass for a TD.

    Romo handed off to JJ but Singleton ran him down from the backside. Crayton couldn't make the grab on a tough pass in the endzone, then Romo went back to Crayton for a TD on a slant. Hatcher blew past McQ for a sack, then Nate Jones blitzed and stuffed an MB3 run to the outside. Romo ended his series by hitting Crayton for a TD on a nice touch pass. Henson started with a run up the middle by Kincade who had a huge hole blown open by Traullo and Peterman. Tovler made a nice catch on a crossing pattern, Hurd couldn't hold on to an off-target pass in traffic and then Henson completed a pass short of the goal line and they rushed Suisham on the field to kick a chip-shot FG and practice was over.
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    I hope this is an anomaly. We need him to play well as we basically redesigned the offense with his skills in mind.

    This player might actually make the team, I keep reading his name.
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    Fasano from all I have doing a really good job.....we are really excited about him
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    this could be our best double-team combo
  5. Bob Sacamano

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    you're right, but he's still a rookie who plays upright, he doesn't have the center of gravity of a FB, and still needs to adjust to the strength of the NFL game
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    Most TEs struggle with blocking coming into the NFL. I am sure you know this but sometimes we get these reports and forget.

    About McQ.

    It seems Bill likes the kid.

    I think in one of the earlier PCs he mentioned McQ and possibly Proctor as guys that he thought may have something.

    I remember reading right after we drafted McQ that he had a naturally large body and strength.
    Meaning that he just had a physique and strength that did not seem to come from being a workout warrior.

    I would imagine with a year of EXP under his belt and this season plus the offseason conditioning program he could turn into something for this team.

    On a side note...caught a few minutes of BAD radio where they were talking to Rivera.

    It seems that McQ kind of liked the hair cut they gave him (Skullet or what I used to call the Shao Lin mullet) and that he may keep the style for now.
  7. Bob Sacamano

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    I already reminded him, thanks though :rolleyes:

    and about McQ, I like him alot, and not just for his good looks
  8. BrAinPaiNt

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    Yes but you are a young rabble rouser so sometimes people over look you. ;) :p:

    Oh and about McQ...I think he actually looks better with the Skullet.:cool:
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    The thing you'd think a 7th round project tackle with his size would struggle with would be quickness and footwork... That's why I'm encouraged that he seems to beat Hatcher at least as often as Hatcher beats him.

    Yes, Hatcher is very raw... But he's also very athletic for his size. If McQ can stay in front of him, he may have something.

    And if he actually likes that skullet... We have to keep him. Your OL guys are supposed to be a little crazy. This just confirms it. ;)
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    stupid stigmas

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    McQ's brother has been a big hit in Raider camp. He's already won a starting job.
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    Did you see the altercation between Wiliams & Watkins?
  13. Alexander

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    And Ireland did say that his identical twin was only a year or so behind him developmentally.
  14. Grizz

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    I didn't see that. What happened?
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    MCQs twin is 3 months older than him.
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    Those blocks on Ware were amoung the first successful ones I can remember anyone having against him especially in multiples. Good news since the culprit was none other than Flozell. Music to thine ears.
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    I don't think it is. I think he's struggling with his blocking. That's alright though if you consider Hannam the starter over Fasano for the time being. He'll still see the field but he won't be an every down player because his pass protection isn't good now. OTOH as a TE he shouldn't have a lot of tough assignments.
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    either our D had a bad day in redzone offense or the O did a great job!

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