Grizz: Today's scrimmage notes

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Angus, Aug 5, 2006.

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    Hey I was wondering how's Summers looking? I know there arn't a lot of balls for the 4 backs, and jj and MB3 are going to get their carries, but you've said a few times that he's made some nice moves and such. I still see him as the #3 back this year.

    Is mroz about done you think?
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    Thanks for the reports Grizz, much appreciated
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    I log in daily just to read Grizz's reports. His reports are the most detailed I have read so far. It's almost like I am there in the stands watching with my own eyes.

    Thanks for all the hard work you do. much appreciated!!:bow:
  4. Grizz

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    Summers has some moves, but I think Parcells sees Tyson Thompson and Keylon Kincade as more viable options. He's been giving Kincade a lot of reps, equal to or more than Thompson lately, and I don't think Kincade is eligible for the practice squad again (I could be wrong). So I think it's a battle between those two (my money is on Thompson) and Summers looks like practice squad material if anything. Standard disclaimer: it's still early.

    Mroz hasn't gotten one rep in the past few days, and that supports only one conclusion...he's done.
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    Thanks so much grizz! Your reports are outstanding!

    One thing that I noticed and didn't see mentioned....
    Burnett seemed to have a nice series there mostly rushing the passer. I thought when he was drafted that he would be a good blitzer with his speed and athletic ability... it looks like the coaches are using him to blitz a lot.

    What is your take on Burnett? How'd he look? IMO, from the play-by-play, he did quite well for a guy coming off a major injury not too long ago.
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    and so is the ANswer's hopes and dreams :)

    sorry, long story
  7. Grizz

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    Burnett has had an outstanding camp so far, one of the stand-outs. If he can stay healthy, I would expect him to do damage this year.
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    That has me really giddy... I LOVE the potential of this kid!

    Thanks again for all the reports! A true blessing
  9. Henson Domination

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    The Answer says Mroz isn't getting a fair shake.

    (sorry, couldn't resist)
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    It's been interesting to see Kincade getting the love he has. I fully expected to see him in the first cuts. I'm still holding out hope for summers. Hopefully he'll show somthing down the road.

    I was a Mroz supporter, so it's too bad he's not getting the reps. I guess in the contract year it's the Romo show. Hopefully Mroz can be a practice squad guy.

    Good reports as usual. It's good to see that your pool-side parties with AZcowboys (c-f) didn't mess you up too much. lol :bow:
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    bastid :bang2: ;)
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    Thank you very much grizz. You give the best reports I have yet to see coming out of this camp. It really gives us an idea of what is going on with these play by plays instead of what owens is up or not up to these past few days. =] THANK YOU!
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    Beginning to sound like an embarrasment of riches on the D. We have guys making plays all over. Does sound like the Hotel is getting better- big relief there. And Pettiti and Columbo both doing well is even better. Gurode still seems to have an edge though not a big one. Kosier seems to be doing ok and same with Rivera. so our O line is starting to look better.

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    How do we know if Romo is good or not. I no scout, but I've seen Romo in person at Camp. I'm not sure his arm isn't any worse then Brady's? Don't recall Joe Montana having a real strong arm either. Those strong arms play a part when you have to fling it off balance or when your on the run etc. If your in the pocket with your feet planted, you can drive the ball when you don't have a canon. BTW, I'm not comparing Montana with Romo, I'm just saying no one knows. Give it by the end of training camp and we might have a better picture.
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    Great stuff Grizz:starspin :starspin :starspin :starspin :starspin

    Tony Curtis better buy Tony Romo a steak dinner too. Romo's work in the off-season is starting to show.

    The reason he's more accurate by leading his recievers and ball placement is due to off-season training at Valley ranch. The 1st account of him slinging the ball with TO goes back 2 weeks before the draft. His confidence in this offense must be high.

    I am not surprised Henson has been all over the place since training camp started. I think it was a waste of time going to NFLE when he could have been at Valley Ranch learning the offense.

    If Colombo returned healthy, I think it was just a matter of time before he surpassed Petitti. I think the competition at the RT is over (I'll add center too). Colombo carried a 1st RD value.

    Petitti didn't fall to the 6th RD solely due to his weight. If we're talking pedigree. Petitti doesn't come close to Colombo YET. I eventually thought Petitti would be moved back to LT.........I believe is collegiate position. He never looked comfortable to me playing at RT. I think Parcells won't make the same mistake he made with Gurode and Tucker in leaving Petitti at RT.
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    Charles, I will be watching the tackles with great interest too. I am not nearly as sure as you are about Colombo though. Yesterday, Colombo was beaten twice for sacks by Canty in the first series.

    I tell you what will be scary for teams...Ware and Canty coming from the same side at times.
  17. Chrissyboy

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    Brilliant Grizz.

    Absolutely outstanding. Have you had chance to review each play on tape?

    Thanks for the analysis.
  18. Clove

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    Props to all the play by play guys on the board who worked their arses off to bring guys like myself, some since of what happened on the field.
    And to Grizz, I am speechless.
    Your work is "off the chain" and you should get a job for the fort worth star telegram, or the Dallas Morning News.

    Wanted to point out that our linebacking crew seems like it's going to be a top crew in this league. When you have Ellis/Carpenter/Ware/Burnett ripping in for sacks or would be sacks, you have a dangerous crew.

    Canty is going to be Leon Lett with a brain.

    Still wondering how our kickoffs and punt returns are going to be. I won't judge our 1st team offense until the conclusion of the 3rd pre-season game.

    Nice work again, and props to my man Carpenter.
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    Thanks Grizz, feels like I was there watching.
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